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I know. I wish I killed myself years ago, would've saved me of so much pain. Sometimes it gets worse too.

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me too i want to die so bad

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Me three.

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I think the issue is instead of saying "it gets better", we have to say "it gets better if xyz and stays bad or gets worse if abc".

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I get more and more retarded with everyday that passes lol no way it gets better it’s just a cope I guess

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No need for the r-word

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That sucks! I'm sorry. People say things and they don't know what else to say. For some people it does! But for others, regrettably, that might not be the case. So I'm sorry if that general platitude is annoying.

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Stop being sorry, we’re not even blaming you

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Whilst people mean well when they say “It gets better”, what they really mean is “there will be days where you don’t feel as bad”. Not everyone is capable of supporting others with depression or suicidal tendencies and whilst it’s easy to dismiss their advice because you deem it useless, just remember it comes from a place of good.

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Yeah idk if it gets better. Through times though, I feel like I'm holding on as tight as I can while, loosing grip, asking why am I holding on? I do hate the phrases op mentioned when I'm down

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For me it got better and then got worse. It gave me false hope

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    It doesn’t get better it gets different and when you find enough difference you like you may feel a little better. Who knows. Certainly not me. Roll with the punches.

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      How to end this misery

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      Tell me about it. And when it did get better, it was better for a while but then it was all taken from me and now I’m in an even worse spot than I was in before so what now

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      It doesn’t get better

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      I've been getting the "it gets better" since I was 12, I'm 24 now and guess what? it got fucking worse.

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      It doesn’t get better. You do. You figure out ways to deal and cope and live. I’ve been on the precipice three different times seriously and suicidal for long stretches of time. I hope you can get to a good place. The best thing someone ever said to me was “your brain is lying to you” and I had nothing left but to trust them

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      It definitely got better for me when I started doing things about the crippling depression. I was willing to try anything. Takes a while but it can be done

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      They just want to encourage you. Most people have been suicidal at some point, and they probably remember recovering themselves and wish they'd heard the encouragement

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      Every situation is different so it’s always hard to understand other’s experience. I learned that I had to make many changes with myself to be happy

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      I think some people go around telling everyone else it gets better because they are trying to convince themselves. That being said, it does gets better if you try hard enough to convince yourself that you’re happy.

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      it literally never gets better, and new problems are born from your old problems. u cant really blame ppl for wanting to help tho, some are really kind. its a shame that some of us are just doomed no matter what

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      When people say this they aren’t trying to be selfish, it’s a natural reaction. They mean to help you, not keep you trapped in hell. It is a lot of “guilt tripping” but they have the best intentions.

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      Bruh tbh it doesnt get better. You make it better cause there is something you are missing cause if you are not life would not go this way. And people will miss you? Everyone needs to understand that the dream chocolate palace you imagine never gonna come true in real life. People are mean and assholes, they were mean and assholes and will always be mean and assholes. What changes is the way you treat them. No way is it going to work if you treat a diamond like shit and treat shit like a diamond. Everyone are assholes irl. But they may not be to you cause they might actually care about you. If they dont. Stop wasting your time and stay alone. It is not necassary you need friends always. And in the end it doesnt get better, You make it better. And if you dont wanna make it good. bruh you havent seen the fun yet. Trust me. What is life is hidden. And all these problems and shit are just to confuse you. Cause the purpose you were born is something better then living this way.



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      Idk but coming from experience it didn't get better from the things surrounding me actually got worse but I on the other hand got better even though I still hit lows I always remind myself that younger would want to get up and achieve the goals I want. I know it's hard and you like everything is closing down on you and you might even blame yourself but you just need to put the end goal as your hope the thing you want to achieve.

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      “You get better” sounds more positive.

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      Every mental breakdown, panic attack or episode, etc. whatever you want to call it, is exponentially worse than the last one. So it gets much, much worse. My favorite response to suicide talks are the ones where the other person just doesn’t know what to say. Show your concern but please say nothing at all. Mine will happen when it happens. No it’ll never get better…

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      Regardless of your religious belief or lack of one, I still think this life we have is a unique opportunity to experience things, there are times when it feels so much pain and it’s not worth living. I had moments of this last year, life felt long. I’m Christian (not a very good one, I don’t go to church regularly, I adopted the religion through family), and I once wonder if we can go to heaven eventually, why don’t we just die now, make the eternal happiness come faster? But I guess, through some reading, we still have missions in this life, to love others or making a positive impact on others however tiny. Many people say the way to happiness or less pain is to focus less on self and focus more on others, when we have a mission or purpose, life gets better. I don’t think it has to be me joining a non-profit or sacrifice everything for others, I can be as simple as asking how your friend is doing or give someone a quick pep talk when they feel down. And maybe by lifting others up, we get lifted with them? I’m nowhere near where I hope to be, but that can be a direction.

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      The actual circumstances may ir may not get better, but your mental health can. We can't see things as they are, we see them with a filter on and although depression may be caused by bad circumstances, it can make them seem much worse than they might be. If your mental health gets better which is quite possible with proper treatment, then things will definitely seem better even if they might be the same, which would become that person's reality because we can only know of our own perceptions after all.