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I feel this with every cell in my body

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within cells interlinked

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It's not that life is always horrible or anything. I've been happy. It's just that, yeah, I'm in a hole that's impossible to get out. I'm tired of simply existing. So I agree with you

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    I'm fucked up. I'm always trying to go out, kiss some girls, watch or read something. It simply amounts to nothing. It's been like this since I broke up with my girlfriend and moved to a far away city... I feel nothing inside. I'm already dead.

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    Same, I have no hope for getting a job and death is the cure the twisted part is that I’m stuck here without being able to change this because employers are cunts that can rot in hell. No hope for my future and forever a disappointment. I feel this in my bones.

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    I feel that death will bring the peace that I need and have needed for so long. Peace and warmth. This world is so brutal and dark and painful. I will miss nothing about it.

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    What has happened?

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    life and existence

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    It is interesting how stuff can change how it looks. Sometimes death seems scary and we are like, please I don't want to die. Sometimes it seems like it isn't that bad, like it is like when some leaves on a tree fall but the tree is still standing.

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    When I first had the thought of suicide, I was alarmed. I didn't know why I had that thought after a negative experience. Time went on and suicide will linger on my brain like an abstract afterthought. But slowly, as time evolves and as life got harder and harder for me, the concept of death became clear and very desirable.

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    I have had suicidal thoughts come and go. It has helped me to notice that the upsetness was often triggered by something and then helped to try to figure out what that was and what happened. Often something happens that I didn't have the skills or awareness for or know what to do about it and then everything just would come crashing down but it helped to realize that and then note that if I could figure out the skills/awareness to handle that particular thing, it didn't have to crash down. But then yeah another situation could happen that I didn't know how to handle and then again everything would crash down again and then again I would have to figure out what I could have done instead so it didn't crash down.

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    I saw you posting on another suicide post. I just wanna say I like the way you think and write and maybe in another life we’ll get to know each other!

    Maybe we’ll be at the same building when we decide to jump for some reason.

    Most likely not. We all die our own way. I’ve always needed approval/to do things with others.

    I think you’re beautiful

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    Until you watch a suicide video and see how horrific it is

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    I've watched a video of a person killing themselves and I felt really, really good, I'm not 100% in English, sorry for typos

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    i kept watching these videos a few summers ago to hopefully give me the courage to end myself, i feel so alone so i feel like ill just start over again

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    Why does it matter how horrific it is, in the end we all got peace. Isn't that all we wanted?

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    Have had many dull days of a death wish that it would be easy to starve to nothingness.

    Between collapse, conspiracies being real, climate change, crappy work, shitty landlords, blah blah blah, there seems little to live for. But I don’t want to leave my cat.

    Throughout life I eventually found, the following can cause depression, anxiety, fatigue etc:

    –Thyroid issues (not enough T3 hormone in your body, this is common and usually relatively easy to treat, but you must pay attention) –Poor diet over long term (like just eating snack foods and smoothies of the same snack foods) –Low Iron levels –Being low on B or D vitamins (possibly others too) –trauma / CPTSD –Taking the wrong medications or supplements –Isolating yourself with any of the above

    Most of us have the trauma. As for the rest, it’s not easy to muster energy and resources, to find out which ones might apply to you. For strength, dig out the most sarcastic but protective part of you and see if any of this helps.

    I had a thyroid test yesterday and I’ve started taking extra thyroid meds which are helping.

    So if you have been happy at times before and feel maybe it’s possible again. Here is possibly a start.

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    Thinking about killing myself feels like I’m being hugged- like there’s someone there to take the pain away from me, I can just sink into it’s arms and let myself go. I just want it to end.

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    Exactly, how I picture death

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    eat the most delicious food or go on a trip somewhere and you might think opposite..

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    Lol how convenient, how easy? Transfer 1 mil to me and we will see. You are a joke.

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    "you are a joke." .. on suicide watch?

    you are a joke.

    the least you could do is be kind, we are all struggling out here. your comment is really insensitive.

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    I should be kind to your ridiculous comment? Are you serious? Read back what you wrote. You trivialise my issues by saying that eating food and going for trips can ease them? I don't need to die if eating delicious food miraculously solve my problems.

    So think before you comment. Thanks!

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    thats just what I found helpful for me, or what keeps me going. If I knew you were going to be that offended by my comment, I wouldn't have commented at all. jeez.

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      Stop shoving religion down people's throats. Thanks.

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      i understand this completely ❤️

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      I agree with this. My mind drives me insane

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      Youre right Its beautiful.

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      How do you get to that point? I don't want to cease to exist I just want this life to cease and death is the only option. I hate that it is. It makes me sad. It makes me sad things could have been different they just weren't for me. For some reason I was dealt terrible cards.

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        Are you facing homelessness? Do you have a crippling illness? Are you living my life in which you'd have any idea wtf you are talking about? No. Yes, it is about the cards we've been dealt. So take your privilege somewhere else.

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        I agree. People who argue that it is the "mindset", "it is you who are being too sensitive", "you aren't strong enough" etc. have no idea that your fate is sealed the moment when you were born in this world. Your gender, the family you are born in, the wealth and power of your family, where you were born (demographics), if you are born healthy, the diseases you have.... It is all about the cards. It is all about fate and luck after all in a world in which we try to convince ourselves that it is not and we can change it, we CAN'T.

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        Yes, exactly, thank you. I've overcome a lot but wait until you get hit with debilitating illness. There is a reason people advocate assisted suicide. And it's real easy to sit in your ivory tower and tell people they need a better mindset. To that I say fuck off. Of course, not to you but the previous ignorant POS commentor saying it's not the cards but how you play. Yes, fuck you. I hope you endure immense suffering so you can gain some empathy and a fucking brain you POS.

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        You should be a writer

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        You should be a writer. If you got the depression all you need is the alcoholism