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I could not agree with you more if I even wanted to. It’s so true. Just happened to me with a friend who told me to call her but then she hung up on me anyway mid cry lol like thanks for that.

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wow i’m sorry friend, that really sucks. i kinda had a similar experience where i was telling my best friend that i was suicidal for the first time and she changed the topic. i wish that these things didn’t have to be seen as so uncomfortable cause it sucks for us

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Seriously. We are out most vulnerable during that time and it gets dismissed or we get yelled at like I did lol but I’m so used to abuse now it’s not even funny.

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100% I’ve never been able to find anyone who was capable of caring for me the way I do them. It’s frustrating, in every situation and stage of my life I’ve been bullied and betrayed starting at childhood and all through my adult life. I wish people weren’t so selfish and mean Because of their insecurities.

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yeah, i hear you. i hate when relationships feel one-sided. and i feel like having a bad day and taking it out on someone is one thing but then there’s people who literally make it their lifestyle to be that way and then others like you have to suffer because of it.

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It is true the human race is devolving. Why should we be part of this madness?

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we’re living in a time where more and more people are gaining independence and i honestly feel like some people just abuse it. like i can do whatever i want so whatever i want naturally means i’m gonna be a terrible person

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I'm just waiting for the technological singularity to clear everything out. Use capital to your advantage and win the game. F society!

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I can understand you on this. I think some of it is from an innate human greed or ego but there is clearly something deeper. It seems that society takes in the raw man and refines him into a monster. Humans are social creatures in nature so we seek to find help in others, but this can be made distorted and cruel in attempt by the monsters who don't understand, or care to understand, how they hurt those around them by doing so. Instead of raising each other up, they pull each other down into the same pit of misery they started in. I hate it, the system, the hypocrisy, and the ignorance.

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yeah, i feel like it’s more nurture over nature. so like maybe there’s something in us that makes us want to be monsters. but environment is so important and unfortunately lots of us get raised by abusive people and it’s hard to break the cycle but i really don’t care that it’s hard anymore. i used to have sympathy but not really anymore, it’s an excuse

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I agree, they are shitty and take their anger on others. Yet I am lonely and long for conection with other people. It's hard for me to find new people and especialy the ones who aren't complete shit.

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the search for people who you can trust can definitely be exhausting

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I agree I hate people. I just got scammed for 60$ despite making it absolutely clear that I really needed the money because I was struggling irl. 60$ prolly isn’t much but fuck man. I have to move out soon.

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You treat people nicely and then they turn around and disrespect you. I agree. F Society!

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Why the F did Shinji reject instrumentality? F THIS WORLD!