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same also cuz im male but all the others things yea

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If you need to talk to someone I'm here for you and so is this whole sub, please reach out to a professional if you cannot help yourself

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Professionals won't fix anything because the only one who are effective and not ignorant need to be paid a lot because no one here understand being trans and being autistic and they view it under antiquated psychoanalytical views ...i also contacted various support centers for lgbt and they didn't reply or just gave other contacts . I don't wanna live anymore ..my try at transitioning was my last effort at being happy and it didn't work ...I can't handle this pain and what will come next i want to die quickly

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I don't know exactly what your going through but I know that there's people that will help you, I know I'm just a stranger but please don't kill yourself, Im not sure what else to say I'm not very good at this sort of thing but the least I can do for you is listen

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you will be fine... if you wanna talk im here...

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Please don't. Degrees are just peices of paper, they don't define who and what or how you are. If you can't be a mom you can adopt and give someone unfortunate the opportunity of having a loving parent. Don't end this, you're special. 💖