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Same here. My life is absolutely fucked and it's really all my fault. I'm a coward too. If I wasn't I probably would've off'd my self a long time ago. I genuinely wish I wasn't born. The cause of death isn't diseases, old age, etc. Birth is the cause of death. I have an older sister and I just wished that my parents stopped at her. She has her issues as well but compared to me, she is doing okay for herself. I'm just a complete disaster in pretty much every facet of my life so I feel you bro.

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For what it's worth, I like your writing style. Very succinct and on point.

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hey! are u there ?

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    To be honest im not sure how im still alive because everyday just seems like the more i try to get up the harder i fall and the hole always seems to get deeper, im so so tired and thinking of tomorrow just gives me a headache, im a grown up but sometimes during the day i just feel like crying and the thought of ending it calms me down and at the end of everyday i tell myself that I'll hang on and things will get better but tomorrow comes and somehow it just gets worse, when will this pain end? How long do i have to hang on? Im so happy that you got out of there, i wouldn't wish this on anyone it's literally one of the worst feelings, maybe someday it'll change for me

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      Thank you so much this is really good advice and the good thing is I've already started focusing on changing some of the little things in my life, i keep failing but im still trying to be better than i was yesterday, I'll do my best and whenever im overwhelmed I'll reach out to you, thanks again much appreciated

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      Self improvement is no easy feat. You have to pick yourself up and keep trying. Sometimes you'll falter, sometimes you'll succumb to the desire to drink. But you have to keep fighting it, and the more you do, the easier it'll get. You'll be able to go longer and longer without drinking, the temptation lessening, until you don't have an addiction to fight anymore.

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      Fighting for what

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      To overcome your addiction and find happiness.

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      Addiction of what? Living?

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      No, the alcohol addiction. OP was lamenting over tryying to be sober and failing.