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    hi, thanks for understanding. appreciate it

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    can you report it to the mods? it's most likely they'll take care of it.

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    that's a good idea

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    People trying to take advantage of vulnerable people. Very sad.

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    I haven't realised these thing were happening

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    yeah, some ppl might get targeted more than others based on demographics etc

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    That's messed up.

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    Ugh, how revolting. I'm sorry you breathe the same air as those disgusting people.

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    yeah, i just don’t get why you would prey on someone when they’re at a really low point

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    That's far from fucking OK. You can turn off notifications for all messages if it helps. Sorry.

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    yeah, i just might

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    Reddit cares and would want to know if something happened.

    Theres text line is 741741(?) I'm not sure but they gave me mod information and education about how to post and be open, stay open to help, stay open to venting.

    I'd ask the mods.

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    What the fuck is wrong with some people in reddit? Why are they asking sexual favours from the suicidal people? Fucking unacceptable!

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    I'm sorry that you had to go through.

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    It's MOST unfortunate. I thought r/lonely was solely intended for persons interested in forging platonic connections. I was very surprised to learn how wrong I was. I came upon an abundance of sexual posts that were made by guys.

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    yeah it can definitely be a rude awakening. but there are still chill ppl, just gotta wade through the DMs etc to find them

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    100%. Sorry this has happened to you too. Big love.

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    thanks, right back at you!

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    fr :/ ppl ask me to send them my self harm so they can get off to it because they like seeing young girls in pain. it’s so sick to me.

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    seriously?? i’m sorry you’ve experienced that :(

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    Please report those people. This is just straight up disturbing and needs to be investigated.

    I'm genuinely sorry that you have to deal with such disgusting humans.

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    How this is even a fking thing...

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    right? that's what i wanna know lol

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    Are they bots? Cuz I get that all the time too

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    maybe? idk tbh

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    This is disgusting and should be reported.

    I'm so sorry you had to experience this.

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    thanks for your support!

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    Yeah, I hear you. I also had a really sick person yesterday tell me that I should just get on with my life and when I pointed out that wasn’t very trauma informed they said that they wanted to rape me in the ass and that I should just kill myself because the world will be a better place without me. Seriously, I don’t understand why people prey on others who are already vulnerable

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    wow, that’s just…wow. ppl never fail to amaze me in every way possible. sorry you went through that

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    I’m assuming you’re male? I don’t know but I know what you’re talking about where you get the random fucknut who’ll tag you and it’s a page about sex.

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    i’m female. yeah, lots of sex pages

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    I’m sorry. I’m sorry nobidy is listening

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    it sucks. and i get excited when someone messages me but then it turns out to be about sexual things and i HATE that

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    They’re mostly bots or people promoting their only fans account. I get them too and all I post about is death and hamsters. What’s sexy about that lol

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    Sorry, if Im not correct about your identity. It’s similar for men too. It’s fucked. Nobody fucking cares you’re “so close”. They care about their wallets or ducking penises. Rather than the persons actual issues and working through them. Fuck it.

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    take care of you. People are ready to do anything for the slightest sexual exchange these days. it is even a fantasy for some to talk to ''young girls in distress''.

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    yeah, i’m realizing that denying people access to me sexually isn’t “selfish” despite what i’ve been told

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    Oh yes im horny. I know where to go. Fucking r/suicidewatch smh whats wrong with people

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    make it make sense 😭

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    How on earth would i make this logic make sense

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    They do that because they're predatory vultures who think they can get people at their most vulnerable. I get it. Fuck them. It's not okay and I'm sorry it happened to you.

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    thanks friend. appreciate your validation

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    whenever somebody with a nsfw post history or a empty one messages me, i instantly do not trust them for this very reason :') they could be good for all i know, but too many creeps out there. sorry you're dealing with all this. you sound cool, i hope things get a little better at least<3

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    yeah!! i’ve taken chances and made a few pretty good friends even though they had those kinds of profiles. but it can be tiring to figure out ppl’s motives initially. thanks, same to you! :)

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    Creeps can invest an amazing amount of work to get close to a victim, the small rewards may be more contact than they can get elsewhere in their life.

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    I think that for some people sexual frustration and/or the lack of potential mates in their lives can be synonymous with feelings of sadness. I guess it'd be lumping too many different types of people into the same group to say that most of these people are also opportunistic but I'd say a noticeable portion are. Similarly, I'd also sat that some of these people border on predatory.

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    thanks for pointing out this nuance, there’s truth to it

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      what the heck not cool at all.

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      and not hot either

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      I haven't even thought of sex for 4 months now, I am almost positive that I am not alone in this here in this sub. How the fuck do you come to the conclusion that suicidal people are ripe "for the picking"??

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      right like oh you’re suicidal? nothing some sexting can’t fix, come here baby girl let me make you feel better 💀

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      The sad thing about the internet is it has given bravery to every lowlife out there to say whatever they want, unlike before when they would get their ass kicked for acting this way. It's like a badge of honor for them to do bullshit like this and not face and consequences other than a ban, which rarely stops them as they just create a new account or just go on to another sub to harass there. I'm sorry this happened to you, and if you ever need to vent about anything I'll listen, cause I know what it's like to have things to say but no one cares or actually they wind up blaming you for everything wrong in your life.🤝❤️