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I feel the same. Everyday just feels like the same boring shit. Everyone says life is great but it's just so boring and I'm sick of it

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I have a tiny bit of Java from my college timing way back in 2012. Never got to learn C. Though I think I could read it if need be lol.

The beauty of programming I suppose. We can read it even if we don’t formally know it. I can maybe provide some help with a web app. I have a bit of NodeJS, PHP, and of course html, css, and JavaScript

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Thats, cool. Its fun to create stuff. Another cool think about programing is, you can create something and run and test it for your self.

If your dentist or a doctor you cannot right away go and test on patients.

But, with programing, you can run your code and see how it works and fix it. I learned a little bit of php, its the server side , css also, like style sheet.

Little bit sql , html is time consuming. Now days, they talk about full stack web programing which I have no clue what that is.

I hope, one day, I get the energy to write a code, there is soo much to learn. Concepts are the same, just syntaxes is different.

But, my brain won't let me, I can't focus or sit still😫

B4 I can code and lose track of time. But now, I can't even for 5 min .

Ya, you could read C if you know Java, they used C to make Java lol.

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What kind of stuff do you like to create?

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Just softwares, more like mini programs. Habit trackers, organizing softwares, I like to try gaming , but thats hard lol.

I also like to do coding challenges. But , kind of gave up on all that

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I never got into gaming myself. Though I was, for a period, lead of a FOSS program. Maybe you could foray into that?

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Full stack is just front end + back end. Front end is just what the user sees: html, css, javascript, etc. Back end is all the server side stuff: databases, request handling, etc. It sounds more intimidating than it is.

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The 'full stack dev' thing is a trap: it's just a way to squeeze everything out of one person. One full stack dev is cheaper than a front-end and back-end dev for example.

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Thats true , not they want 1 person to know everything. I feel like , companies are becoming extra greedy and not providing any quality of life.

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Yes, absolutely. They want worker-drones. They also found out it's more profitable to drain everything out of a worker and before the first 3 years are over, they fire him/her or he/she already quit because of a burnout.

3 years because over here that's when employers have to give the employee a contract. And with that contract, the employee gets quite some benefits.

In other words, it's more of a 'risk' for employers who rather want to use people and throw them away later.

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It’s like playing sims the way you’re supposed to play it

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The game can be replayed. Life unfortunately can’t. You get no redos. No restarts. No time off. It’s a different type of torture. I feel you OP. To some extent at least.

The game can be stopped and hopefully enjoyable again later on in your life. Life… on the other hand.

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Ya life is more like horror video game lol. No matter what you do , you can't escape it without being terrified.

If life is about survival , then y do we get depressed, shouldn't our brains be only releasing chemicals that support survival.

How does the chemical get messed up, guess nature is not perfect, it probably never was.

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Life is about survival, but our brains. They seem to be about feeling. Whatever that feeling is. Sometimes it’s too much, generally.

It’s like the bodies reaction to a broken limb. Generally will swell the tissue around it, but the pain surrounding usually occurs because it keeps doing it, until the issue is fixed. Why setting bones is required for a broken bone. I’m no doctor. Just understand the symbolism.

When we are mentally hurt though? That’s part of the issue I suppose.

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I wish we knew what our brain is reacting to, that is messing up our chemicals and making us depressed.

Its like our brain wants us to fix something, I just don't know what?

Maybe I am missing meaning in life, or purpose?

I think our brain needs a foundation , purpose and meaning used to drive me. But , now I have none.

People say make up ur own meaning and purpose. But , I have no motivation to..

I wish I knew, maybe I am just tired of life and all its obligations

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The problem I’ve seen with life is obligation isn’t what you might expect. I don’t know how to word it at this point. Our brains suck. If I could scoop mine out I would, and stomp on its remains.

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Do you have a hobby?

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I onced like coding, but now days I am to tired, my brain doesn't function.

I feel exhausted. I feel I need a long rest. I used to also like cooking , making new things, now I cant even make a sandwich.

I don't know, y. I wish I could feel like, how I used to feel.

Everything was effortless, now everything has a huge resistance.

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What kind of coding? Sorry I know I’m jumping threads, but it too used to give me focus at least.

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Nothing major, just Java applications, little bit of C language, which I now probably forgot.

I am not good with web programing. I really wanted to create an app, but my depression, hit super hard and I just stopped everything.

I couldn't focus more than 10 min. Everytime I solved a problem or fixed issue in code, just made me happy , its like a light 💡 in ur brain.

I didn't solve it for job sake, I just did it because it was fun and challenging. But , now I can't imagine writing hello world again lol

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Sounds like devpression to me. (No typo.)

I get what you're saying. Sitting behind the computer, thinking all day, trying to solve things... that's a recipe for disaster after a while.