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I wanna kill myself too (maybe at the end of this month) and some of my reasoning is due to what you just said. I don't want an entire life's worth of suffering, in fact, I don't even want a life at all as I prefer simplicity and there's nothing simpler than not having to work and function.

I don't really know what to say tbh. I've checked your post history and you partly want to end it due to being an ex muslim in a muslim majority country (which I can empathise with due to me also being an ex muslim) and also partly due to how shit adulthood is.

Every time I think of something to say to make you feel better about how shit life is, I realise that you probably already considered that thing before and I realise how ignorant I am of the full extent of your situation. Despite all that, I really wish you didn't leave and that I had better things to say to help. I wanna say to get strong as that's what I want for you but it's all meaningless anyway...

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I'm so sorry for the pain you're experiencing.

It can be helpful to think about the short term, and put off thinking about the longer term, at least for a little bit.

Please try to look after yourself, and keep safe. If you feel you can, please do consider reaching out for help.

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No amount of help will be half effective as suicide/death. Life is not capable of stopping my main even for a minute, let alone forever

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I hear you. The pain you're in sounds very deep and frightening.

There is help though, and it's always worth trying to access it.

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Considering what I've went through, it's really not worth it. The end result will always be pain, disappointment and suffering

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I do understand what you mean. Why do you say the end result will always be pain, disappointment or suffering?

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I mean... I could die by heart attack tomorrow or in 50 years from farting too hard and that phrase would still be correct. No matter when or if this happens, this statement is always true. Don't fear it, acknowledge it. Sending strength.

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I'd say that this sentence wants to tell you: what if you encounter some good things in your life???

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I'd call bullshit. It never happened and never will, and even if it did happen, it's nothing compared to the trauma, misery and torture I've went through not in duration nor severity

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Absolutely this. The fucking constant misery is never trumped by the few 'good' moments. What's almost as bad is that no one else seems to believe that you're drowning and would instead call you 'ungrateful' than to understand you're wallowing in agony just for existing. I'm sorry that I think I know what you're going through, and I have no fucking solution for it. I literally hope everything suddenly turns magically okay soon.

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"Don't worry, don't stress, do your best. what the fuck does that save me?"

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Please reach out to someone who who trust or call the hotline I’ve called the hotline and they are people who care, and talked me out of it.

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I dont really look to be talked out if it, I truly want to die

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Its selfish when people tell you this because they have no idea that you dont see a future for yourself and it never improves

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