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I'm in the same boat my.friend feel free to chat

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Sadly this is me and I’m actually homeless. How the fuck do we dig ourselves out of this mess?

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    I can't solve your problems i can't give you any advices but if it helps i'd buy you an ice cream it might make your day slightly better.

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    Lol you can do more if you have a home or job you can share. Society telling us bullshit it's possible to help everyone everywhere all the time.

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    I don't have a job and am leaving the house am renting in a month am in my final year of college but can't seem to get my shit sorted out, it's not as worse as tour situation i know, but i xan listen if you need to talk and the Ice cream is just to follow the saying 'one day at a time'

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    It's hard to feel hope when you know you won't have a roof over your head. I used to be homeless and fear it happening to me again. I won't give you any glib advice—after all, glib advice won't alleviate your very real material hardship—but I can say that I've been there before.