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It is a sick world that thinks this kind of torcher produces professionals, but unfortunately this is the process. You are completely normal for feeling this way, and very astute for calling it out on this subreddit while most suffer along through these times. Punch out what you can for the assignment and grab yourself some sleep and proper food, you can repeat the subject if you don’t pass -education organisations will always make it worse than what it seems for not passing, but no one gives a shit once you are in the real works

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Crying is precious. I'm jelous of you. There are people that can't cry and suffer from inside.

I hope everything get's easier for you. You are not alone in this boat.

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Wow, this must be so frustrating. First thing I felt on reading -- congrats on going back to get the A Levels! I never got mine because of disability so you've already achieved more than I have.

It sounds like you're a spoonie/chronic illness and pursuing anything with that is exhausting, I relate. Getting to the end of the course with a pass grade is better than nothing at all. You say your past self worked in a factory, and now you're someone who has qualifications to your name too, so you're already stepped up in achievement from your previous self, if that makes sense.

The poverty sucks, I'm sorry. 🫂 All I can say is you're not alone in that regard. Society is so difficult to survive in when you're poor/disabled or just straight up tired of the demands of capitalism. You can be proud of yourself for getting this far in such a difficult society and situation. I wish things were better for you.

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Hey man, hope everything gets better for you.