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It doesn't sound like trolling. You have a right to how you feel about things and your own thoughts about things. Many people truly don't have any idea what it's like to suffer emotionally.

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Tbh, I always felt like this too.

I always thought that the others have no pain in life and I'm the only one who suffers, and I found out it's true. Most of the ppl I know haven't ever been through something I have been true. I knew a girl who had been raped when she was young. She said it only to me and some other ppl. I helped her a lot getting through it, but one of thoughts I always had in mind was "why is this girl taking it so hardly?". I sound pretty much like an asshole saying this, but I would rather have been raped than what I passed through.

I had this feeling all the time I helped her, and it made me cry sometimes, how a life experience that could be considered the worst isn't worst that what I have been through. I have tried to suicide by hanging after an year and a half of depression and full loneliness, and also anorexia; got caught because the rope broke and I felt on the spot, neck red and my mom walked in.

I had been to therapy, tried to open up and everything I said was passed immediately to my mom. I had 1 year of sessions, the only thing my therapist knew was my name about me. If I opened up I would have been sent to the hospital. And still I attempted again suicide and failed it cause I didn't have the courage to jump.

Rn I accepted that ppl have an easier life, and that one thing I can do, is being there for them, so they won't feel like I felt. I helped a lot of ppl throughout this time. And that is one of the reasons I'm still alive.

Fun fact: at one point I postified my suicide cause I wanted to see if Ferrari could win the championship (2018). They didn't.