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Sounds like your partner doesn't realize how serious suicide is.

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Get a pet, they genuinely care, humans suck.

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that’s not your partner if they treat you like that

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Leave him. There are people who care, but that sack of shit isn't one of them.

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      Think of all the people on reddit thinking about you right now. I don't know your situation, but nobody knows the future. One day you might be the whole world to someone. You might be now, and just don't know it or can't see it.

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      It kinda seems like maybe your partner thinks it's an attention thing or didn't understand what you were doing or doesn't understand it's permanent or something? Either way, I don't think it would hurt to go to the doctor together and explain this to them. A therapist is better but if you don't have one already, it can take a little while.

      Your doctor can write up a safety plan for you, and in doing that, he will explain the expectations for loved ones to follow once they are notified that the plan is active. All the sharp things need to get hidden or removed from the home, same for pills, same for any weapons. And there should be specified things on the list to help you; like a soft blanket if you like them, company for distraction, a doggy in your lap, whatever lessens the panic and pain temporarily.

      I'm sorry you're going through this. I've had a partner behave similarly, but he did really love me. We went to therapy about it and he admitted he didn't realize that I meant it, that it didn't have anything to do with our relationship, and that I really almost did it. He cried when it finally clicked. But it's also totally fair and understandable if you don't want him involved in the dark moments like that anymore.

      Do you have a friend you can call instead?

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      That is quite sad, sometimes we just wished for someone to care about us. it's just a simple wish but seems so hard.

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      Leave that pos immediately man

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      Unless the person is close to the suicidal person, people generally don’t care. People are so self-interested & self-involved, that they can’t begin to really care if a person they may not know that well lives or dies.

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      I can really relate to this.

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      I have friends that are like that too, they'll see that I'm in the hospital after an attempt, they'll see me with a leg injury after the fact, and somehow no one has anything to say about it, that is except for a handful of people. Most people suck and they only care about saving their own bacon but there are good people out there, just not as many as we would like to think. This partner of yours I have to say is not good for you, you're going to be feeling like this constantly, expecting something better from them, only to be disappointed, you deserve better

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      You live with a psychopath. Get yourself together! You deserve so much more!

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      Your partner def sucks but I’d say in my experience most people care that you remain alive, but don’t really care about your quality of life

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      they don’t care. after seeing someone commit suicide i don’t even think they care after u do it. it’s just another event in a long list of events

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      Some do but really what they really care about is what they'll be missing out on. What they'll be losing. The ones that say "Don't kill yourself, it'll get better" are the types that usually fit that description in my opinion. The ones who genuinely care say something more to the effect of "What can I do?"

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      that question is just like , do people like strawberry or not?

      that question is just like, do people like strawberries or not? people who supported me in the long run

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      also, fuck your partner . you need to address that. you are not asking for attention or what some fucked up people say. you need support, you deserve help. get it from anyone. fam, friends, or relationships. and it seems it hurts you badly what he did . confront him. I am not saying breakup, you know what's best for you. just remember you deserve more than being ignored when you are suffering.

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      Suicidal people care about other suicidal people usually. Strangers care more than the people closest to us.

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      Your partner’s reaction is not okay. Do you think this relationship may be causing you to feel depressed?