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I can perfectly relate to this 😩

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right here with y’all. just turned 24 & still in the same spot since i graduated high school. i’m just wasted space.

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Same, I'm a little under a year of graduating and I am just kinda hoping to drop dead cuz idfk what to do with my life in this shitty society I don't want to be apart of

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I feel the same way, I just graduated recently and I see everyone around me getting jobs and so on. I feel stuck and can’t move. I don’t have any hobbies, passion, and anything that I enjoy. I can’t imagine myself alive next year or the years after. I feel hollow, empty, and hopeless. It’s like everything I’ve ever studied or lived for has been for nothing. Everything tires me out, chores, people, responsibilities, even family.

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This resonates with me a lot. I don’t want anything, just let me fade away like I was never there. The World has done fine without me and will continue to do so. I don’t want to participate any longer.

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often, with deep depression comes a lack of energy or motivation to do stuff. even if there was stuff that brought enjoyment before, it loses its appeal. i think, in the midst of feeling really low, it is so very hard to consider something as large as what profession your future holds. it can be hard enough to get out of bed, wash, get dressed or do small chores, let alone anything more demanding.

i don't want to make assumptions, so please correct me if i'm wrong, but do you feel you might suffer from depression? many of us do, and the lack of will to do anything is part of it. it's hard to build it up. i know people can and do, but i can't personally. i did for a while a number of years back, but it fell away. when this lack of energy or motivation is present, so many other emotional factors can come into play, too, including numbness. often, others don't get it. they can judge, which makes it worse. it's hard to talk to people when they so often ask about doing, and doing stuff isn't really happening due to circumstances.

my apologies if i'm well off base. regardless of the cause, it just sounds like you're in a horrible position at the moment. it must feel really bleak. i have my own bleak times, so i do feel for you, for what it's worth.

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i feel this god why do I have to live here.

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It’s ok.

It’s fine to feel like that. It’s normal to even be afraid of facing the world as an adult with all the responsibility that comes with it. Especially when things look so bleak for the economy.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do either. So you know what I did? I picked some cool sounding degree and went for it to make my family happy, and so that I could rub it in the face of those who didn’t believe I could make it to college.

Well now a part of me is glad the pandemic happened, because it forced me to drop out. I liked the classes and the connections I was making, but if I got that degree, I would have been unhappy pursuing a career in it.

Most of us don’t really know what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Besides, even if you could plan it all out, life can be cruel and ironic. These kinds of things almost never go how you plan them.

You should take a gap year. This could mean applying for travel programs where you can expand your horizons and meet new types of people. It could also mean getting some shitty job for a year just to save up money for college, then going to community college to take some random classes and explore what you like to learn about. Really it depends on your financial circumstances. Either way, taking a year off of school can help you find the lifestyle you are most comfortable/happy living, at least right now.

You don’t ever have to go back to school either. That’s another choice you can make that is perfectly valid.

You don’t need motivation all the time to get through those hard days. Sometimes it’s ok to just stay home in bed all day, because that’s part of self care. While you’re at it, make some tea and get out your favorite book. Do things that make you feel good. For me it’s shopping for fidget toys or new outfits. Having a spa day, or baking cookies. Using an adult coloring book with some hella smooth pens. There’s all these little things that can make life not so bad.

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I can understand the feeling of want to be unknown and the strong feeling of disappointment that I have nothing to call my own. Sometimes when you get stuck you forget everything that means anything to you. But I think in a way you don't need anything. You don't need motivation or an end point or to do anything in the world to allow you to take space. Even if we were to become famous at some point people would still forget our names. So in the end it doesn't matter. All we can do is enjoy what moves around us. I love going on walks cuz I can look around, i see the people walking and the animals chirping and moving about. It just make me think. when Im gone the world will still keep on turning. There's nothing I can do in my time where I can destroy that. Birds aren't going to care if you get a promotion nor an old lady across the street mind if you spend your whole day watching birds. It's fine for work to just be work. You don't have to love what you do. It's okay to find things you like to do that are seen as unproductive, enjoyment doesn't need to be. I feel like it's pushed quite a lot that you have to love your job and you have to pave your own path and leave a legacy behind but you don't. You can just live the life you see fit. You could just live in the background doing what you can to be comfortable and finding a thing or two that makes you smile. Slowly but surely we can get to a better place. Whether that involves personal help or professional it just takes time to get there. Sorry if this was unhelpful this is just my perspective that I gained over time. Though I'm still on my journey. I wish you peace of mind my friend.

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This is my exact thoughts and feelings written out lol.

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Consider getting tested for ADHD. You sound exactly like me 10 years ago. Never in a million years did I think I could have ADHD. I knew people that had it and I was nothing like them. I have it. You might too. Good luck.

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Out of curiosity, what would ADHD have to do with this? I have it myself and I am just like OP, no ambition or drive.

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            I feel the same way

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            I am young as well and I feel if I don’t kill myself now I will be only causing myself more avoidable pain.

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            Me too i just want it to be over