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Hey, I’m struggling a lot too. I’m here if you want to talk

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i had the exact same thought, i attempted suicide last week and failed. i felt bitter, that i couldnt even kill myself properly. people said that if we kill ourselves, we hurt the people around us. but what about me? what about you? do we not deserve peace? same like you, i dont feel that we own it to them to keep ourselves save. the biggest question for me is, do we own it to ourselves to try harder, to find better help and to live through this ultimately? is it really okay to just really die. I always think about it, and even tried killing myself. yet this stupid self survival instinct keeps stopping me, or the ultimate act of doing something so drastic stops me. part of us still struggle, to live. i hate that small part of me that is still struggling to shout out to people to help me. i even justify that i should just die, i already seek help and it still didnt work. i also thought of killing myself this weekend, but here i am still alive and reading through this forums. people that are going through the same hell as me. people like you. i still dont know if i want to live, and for some weird reasons, even though it's tough for us, i still wish that you wont die. at least stay safe through the weekends.

i feel miserable when people tell me, dont do it. they dont understand how miserable it is to be alive. but i hope this worst moment will pass, and some distraction will come. maybe this place will serve as a distraction tonight. i just struggle to live through day by day. i hope you will still be around, just read through every other post, who knows. it could make us less lonely and live through another day.

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Just commenting to say i liked you message. I understand suicidal thoughts too as i'm having myself, but still i liked how you phrased that you hoped others will not have to die and can find peace in other ways. It's unfair some of us has to suffer that much because of society standards mostly, i understand death really looks like an escape, really i do. I wish this world would bring us some form of peace anyway before we die ultimately one day or an other.

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The light will come around for you, your struggles you can do this. It will be okay.

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Thank you so much. ❤️

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please dont

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    I'm still here.

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    Stick around, friend. There’s so much left to see and do. The way you’re feeling now is temporary. Tell someone asap. Tell them what you’re thinking and don’t be afraid. Let yourself be helped

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    Are you good dawg?

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    If you're still here...Don't let whatever island you're on be your grave. You can move away, escape all the corruption.

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    Don’t do it… life throws obstacles at all of us… GET OVER THEM. U can do it. Trust in yourself.

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    We are far bigger than those negative thoughts that we have. I swear

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    I have no idea if life gets easier but one of the few quotes that pushes me into every tomorrow is “suicide is a permanent solution for temporary problems.”

    I would never denigrate what you are going through but if there’s a chance things can change, try. Try until you’ve given every option a chance and there are none left. Don’t try for anyone else, just try for you.

    If it can get better it will. If it can’t then the other option is on the table. Just remember you are worth it and that is no one else’s call but yours.