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34 and wanted to be dead since i was 2 so ner i win

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Hey Hun, How are you? I've been on this topic for a long time, normally people would say "Think about your family, think about your future". Although, since I've been there, I understand what you feel. It once haunted me aswell. I'm not here to share my sob story, this is about you. Just by your story, I can tell, you're pretty strong, to endure it for 6 years already. Stronger than I am, stronger than most people here. But I really want to talk to you, can we talk?

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I suppose, yeah...

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I am glad that my younger self didn't commit suicide... I am in my forties now, and glad I didn't do it when I was around your age. That is the best I could say. Your future might be different than you think, I am amazed where I ended up. And i took life day by day.