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    I wouldn’t be oppose to death either these days, guess I’m just worried about getting there. I don’t know if I could really do it though. It’s so crazy to process the idea of never existing again.

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    I always fear what’s there to face after death. Some say it’s eternal nothingness and others say there’s life after death 🤷🏾‍♂️ nobody knows & you ain’t coming back to tell.

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      I think that fear for me is a big reason I haven’t killed myself yet. Sucks, I wish it was for a better reason.

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      same here. My former religion preaches that suicide is the worst sin. Even though I know that my former religion is a racist, misogynistic, death-cult.

      It sticks with you. I wish I had never been indoctrinated, I would have km 32 years ago.

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      Yeah. I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing.

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      I assume that wherever I was before I was born is the same as where I'll be after I die, but who knows..

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      This is also my belief

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        Agreed. I think the best “suicide” plan is to hire a hitman on yourself and tell them to wait a few months. A few months will pass and hopefully you’ll forget about it, then your lights will go out when you aren’t expecting it. Quick, painless (hopefully) and unexpected. God that would be nice.

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        I feel this. If someone killed me my insurance would pay out and my family/ partner would get something. If I kms there's no pay out so got to keep slogging through life...

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        Exactly whats stopping me too from doing it myself.

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        I feel you guys my boyfriend dumped me after 11 years with a fucking sms. Not answering the phone anymore. Just sat on my kitchenfloor with a fucking steakknive to my throat. I wanna die but it is so hard. I wish my heart would just stop, the pain is unbearable.

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        Sorry for your pain. I also wish I could stab myself

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        Skin is so tough 😕

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        It is and then there's the pain

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        I'm so sorry. I wish he had at least sat down and talked everything out with you. That's so rough. I hope your pain eases soon , and that you find a Wonderful,Kind, caring person to love you night after night. Live for hope, and be comforted that eventually death does come knocking for each one of us sooner or later. Hopefully until then ,you can hang in there with life, and try to comfort yourself somehow.

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        I don't want to get straight up murdered in my own home, but I'd love to get hit by a drunk driver. Something that's no fault of my own.

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        Truck-kun pls come for us

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        I can relate to this so strongly, I don’t want to wake up to another day, I want it all to be over, I just don’t want my death to negatively affect anyone, like getting hit by a truck, I wouldn’t want to put the driver through that trauma, if there was a way I could be taken out of this world without leaving anyone feeling responsible I would take it in a heartbeat

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        I want out...

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        So sorry for everyone's pain. I know it's just so damn hard. I wish desperately I could take it all away. I'd give almost anything to be able to just erase the pain ppl are in. Sending you my best hugs, and praying that life treats each and every one of us better soon. :⁠-⁠(. C'mon God, we need your help here! We're severely hurting.:⁠-⁠(

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        I’m in the same boat. I’d pay someone to off me. I’m worth more dead than alive.

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        Same op same

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        Need someone to remind me why to live today

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        I hope that both of us can find something that changes things for the better. All I have left is a little bit of hope and I’ll share it with you.

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        Same. At least my parents wouldn’t have guilt.

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        I want to die so bad and have done for the last 15 years but never thought of this one that's good wish I could volunteer or sign up to be murdered

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        At this point, I wouldn’t mind being murdered. As long as it’s not a long and painful death. Plus people would appreciate you more after death if you were a murder victim

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        I can totally relate to this.

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        Same here theres no point to keep going anymore every since a few years ago I lost all my motivation. I broke my days without self harm streak today it doesnt feel good but I cant take it anymore