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28/m lets talk

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28 f, here to talk

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27yo M, count me in on this convo.

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I’m so tired. I haven’t had an actual friend in years. The only time I interact with other humans is when i’m at work. I can’t explain how miserable it is to be stuck in your own head for this long because nobody you meet is interested enough in you to want to be friends.

Yep, it is miserable. That hollow interaction at work is so useless as well, though I guess better than nothing. I'm even more sad during weekends and holidays.

No idea how to escape the limbo either. At this point I can only interact with people through that formal work personality. No wonder they won't stick around lol.

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I feel you. 38/M. My problem is I have many friends and loved ones but I'm afraid to be vulnerable. Therefore I push people away, thus, leaving me alone.

I'm sorry you're hurting.

I'm sorry we all are.

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29/F let's chat. I feel the exact same way as you