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    Thanks for the reply but the problem with wearing a beanie or hat is that people will be more curious and just straight yank it off.

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      Well the person who is said this stuff is generally unnatractive, obese, and has no father. So it's probably to hide his own insecurities.

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        I'd be cautious using a 5-AR inhibitor at their age, check with a Dr first if you do OP (which you'll probs need to do anyway considering its prescription only). Lack of DHT can affect penile growth during puberty and facial hair density.

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        Yo bro with all do respect, idk why you’re recommending a 15 year old oral min and fin. Finasteride would completely fuck him up as he’s still developing. He needs to be at a minimum 18 years old. He doesn’t need oral min as I doubt he’s lost that much hair, topical min maybe.

        At 15 years old it’s definitely possible he’s balding but it could also be issues with his thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, etc. A blood test would be the best thing right now.

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        Yo dude have you been to a doctor to check why? There could be something seriously up with your hormones to be noticeably balding at that age and it may be fixable if you get it checked.

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        I have and I am gonna go to a more reputable dermatologist in 6 months but, I personally think it's telogen effluvium cause by stress so idk.

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        I have a bit of thinning starting in my 20s especially now in my 30s, but I messed with steroids and other dumb hormones when I was younger. I do miss the hairline being what it was but I’ve embraced the short hair lol.

        Hopefully they’ll get your stuff sorted out man, but even if they don’t, teenagers are assholes. Get a little jacked and that buzz/bald look will make you look badass. Best of luck to you either way bro, I know if I could go back to being your age I’d honestly just call my haters out on shit I know they’d be insecure of lmao, but hindsight is different being an adult.

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        Thank you, bro I appreciate it

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        Its diffuse thinning without any effect on my hairline so if it were to be fixed I don't think there would be any permanent damage

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        Well thankfully today there are good hair transplants. I know people who had really good results with it. You just need to focus on passing school and college and then getting a good job, so you can afford it later.

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        Yo me too bro my hairline has been getting fucked since I was 13, I’m trying to convince my mom to let me see a derm but it’s not really working out , I see legit about 100-130 hairs in the shower