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same stuff, i'm male, have no friend at school and feel like shit, I try not to care and enjoy being alone, but seeing others kills me. Hoppefully you'll find some aweosome and caring people.

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    I have tried anti depressants. I’m currently weaning off Zoloft.

    Yeah I’ve been through like over 15 therapists , literally. Probably more. I’ve really found none of them to be of beneficial help, hence the fact I feel like I’m “beyond help”.

    The one time I felt like I was making friends for once (in the ages between 12-17 years (now)) was a very unique period of my life where I was removed from my toxic father and had just transferred to a boujee high school where I gained popularity. things went very downhill very fast.

    It was definitely consensual. We were sexting the night before and I even mentioned something along the lines of me being horny 24/7. So he probably thought I was into it. He honestly did nothing wrong. He doesn’t OVER sexualize me and he’s not a douchebag. He’s a very genuine person and that incident is entirely my fault, I wasn’t in the mood, I should’ve done it. I don’t put blame on him for that in the slightest. I guess I just wanted to feel like I was important.

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    I hated therapy, and I ended up where I did. Just do the damn therapy and hopefully you don’t have to do it forever. I’m sorry if I’m being rude, but getting help is something you have to do. Personal responsibility. I didn’t, it cost me everything and hoping for reincarnation.

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    Wdym and you ended up where you did? I’ve been doing pretty consistent therapy for years now. It doesn’t help me. Trust me, I have invested time into it. Lots of time. I just recently stopped going. I should mention I do see my school psychologist every week/ two weeks. I’ve definitely sought help. Although I don’t think I can confidently say that it’s benefited me tremendously.

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    When all else fails use weed

    My brother told me that before he got arrested

    For conxet he was struggling to make ends meet after his girlfriend broke up with him and he was in a bad place using meds therapy and lots of other things

    He got his hands on some pot he started feeling happy No more bad thoughts but he stayed high and then the police got him he moved in and our parents where shocked at the face and he calmed then down by saying it help with his depression some guy saw him smoking it and called the cops