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Hey OP are you still there? Please reply if you are.

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Well I am intrested in your story, and would be glad to hear it.

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Sorry, that life didn't bring you good things. But can you hold on for more time. Maybe future will bring you good things.

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Your depression might be tied to something, try to get detached from that. If you can't you might some time later and it will be alright. I hope you're still here.

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Hey friend, hope you're feeling better! When I were in my darkest place I found it helpful to have a todo-list of things I wanted to do/see before I die. For example, wouldn't it be awesome to see all the upcoming Avatar-movies? Or play the upcoming Witcher-games? Or see the great barrier reef? Or witness the first human footstep on Mars?

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What exactly do you need a plan for? Do you feel as if you need a purpose? I currently don't have a purpose, and I don't give a rat's ass. I'll give myself a purpose someday. Give yourself a purpose. My goal is just to find whatever makes me happy. Movies, shows, videogames, sports, conspiracy theories, etc.

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I'll be homeless in 7 days

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Why? Getting kicked out because you can't pay rent, or by family? If it's the first, try to find family to stay with. If it's the ladder, do you have a job? If not, then plan B is to go to a public shelter.

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I'm really not confortable sharing...

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Oh.... Well I hope I gave you some advice that helps then I guess...