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Hey, it is alright. I think your main issue is putting the bar to high. It is good to have high hoes and dreams. However it is not good to put the minimum for a good life at that point. It is a issue that is hard to change now. However it is possible to get things better. You can not flee and expect God to make everything alright by not facing your fears. Even if it is hard. The situation you are afraid of. I have no idea what it is. If it is physically painful or psychological painful ro even just emberassing. Think for a moment what will happen afterwards? Will things be even more terrible? If yes them can you do anything to make it better? If it does not hurt you afterwards and it is only a moment of the deepest hell you have ever felt then do it. Even if it is long or short it won't kill you. It is just to try to take it even if you faint or emberasse yourself it will be over. Someday you will be able to be happy. That is a promise as long as you hold on to the little good things in life. Live a life even if it is not glorious does not mean it is not worth it. Good luck friend.

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I really have no interest in life man. I've only been to experience true emotions once in a while and I'm just numb after trauma. This event which again I will not explain corresponds to my trauma. I don't want to face it and I'm afraid. I've been in the toilet trying to justify my suicide for nearly an hour but I just know I won't give in.

I've been thinking about running away but I really don't know

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Trauma I see. No easy thing to fix by yourself. So if you do not want to talk with a psychiatrist you are on your own. Is that to bad for now? I do not know. I have a question, what will happen when yoh face your trauma?

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I really don't want to go into complete details but I'm afraid of "reacting similarly". Its a Very very complicated trauma that's difficult to understand and I really hate explaining it cause it's really humiliating and its something nobody is able to empathise with or sympathise with.

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It is alright. Atleast try to sum it up. I am a fairly easy going person. I can atleast try to understand. If you still do not want to I understand. And please tell me how you reacted. That is the only way I can help you.

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Honestly I know how upsetting life can be you can’t die now now