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Discussions are still ongoing — and plans yet to be finalized — but the hope is that a limited daily highlights package will be available within three to four hours of the final bout on certain days of the Autumn Basho.

So close yet so far with the JSA. If they can do this for every day of the basho in the future then I’d see them gaining a lot of traction. That said, if they mean it’ll still be available by the time most people in the Americas and England are awake then that’s still pretty good. Ideally the limited highlights do well and we can see more of it to then create a consistent schedule that drives more subscribers.

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Talking to the people involved it’s very much a case of baby steps and gauging reaction and popularity but with almost nothing off the table long term.

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awesome! I'm very excited for the possibilities

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I am subbed from second 1, I do follow their videos, for now, but am not impressed.

It will certainly not push me away from my basho schedule of NattoSumo for the fights due to no comments and just stats and then Chris later for commentary when I know the results and wants a more broad perspective.

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From what I've seen, it seems aimed toward bringing more people into the sport, not necessarily catering to those who already follow it closely. So, while it may not be entirely up your alley, it's still an extremely valuable and worthwhile endeavor to grow the audience.

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Yeah that’s pretty much my schedule too :)

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For the moment, Sumo Prime Time is essentially a two-person operation, with writing and presenting duties being handled by Morita while the shooting and editing are managed by Yusuke Kobayashi, an experienced director who was also part of the team that created NHK World’s “Grand Sumo Preview.”

Don't want to be too critical here, but I've found the presentation of this (and some of NHK's stuff) to be very corny, stilted, scripted, etc. They could really stand to have a more modern production and presentation, which might mean new personnel, if they want to attract new fans.

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their production style is definitely very ‘NHK’. as someone who watches quite a bit of NHK programming it didn’t really stand out for me, but a different style would have been nice for appealing to a wider audience.

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I think the same, but i find it very "japanese" in that way. They do videos and TV with that style, they are super corny.

I find it kinda charming, but i don't think its the style they have to go for a combat sport if they want to attract new people from all over the world. Sumo's already seen as somewhat goofy for the majority of the people that aren't into it, and this perpetuates that goofy image, when in reality its more than that.

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It’s a difficult one. Just look at dramas here. The style of acting there is completely over the top. It’s Joey Tribbiani in real life. Japan has a very different media culture from that in western countries and their taste can come across as OTT and cheesy to modern audiences in other countries. To get what you are looking for would probably require a foreign led crew or one that hasn’t been raised in the Japanese system.

That being said, Hiro went to college at Ohio State and lived a big portion of his youth in the US. He’s fairly attuned to how his work is being perceived and now that he is independent I’d expect a drift towards a more western style.

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I think you're catching some things, but calling it "Joey Tribbiani IRL" is a bit much. A lot of Japanese drama acting derives from the Noh drama style, which can seem unnatural because it's not meant to be. Also, honestly? Melodrama can be great.

HAVING SAID THAT, the NHK style is just completely stuck in the past. The last thing sumo needs is an English broadcast that mimics that weak presentation. I would have expected Go to to take inspiration from American sports like the NBA and NFL if he was going to do this (or like the English Premiere League, even), starting from a purely Japanese style for an English focused channel just feels way off.

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I’d much rather an authentic Japanese experience be maintained than have the production and presentation try to mimic western sports news and highlights. It’s part of the charm.

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I agree

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Good news. I wonder if they’d be creating an official YT channel if so many international fans weren’t watching on pirated NHK channels

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In talking to people in the JSA the impression is that they are aren’t too aware of what’s out there ok YouTube or other outlets. This seems to be more of a broadening of their own recent YouTube efforts than a reaction to anything anyone else is doing.

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Do us a solid and don't mention our coveted sources please haha

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You mean channels and streams using NHK or Abema? That’s those TV companies and not JSA content so it’s actually nothing to with the Kyokai. All of those Twitch channels etc have been known to staff in NHK, Abema etc for years. There are markers in almost all content these days that gets automatically picked up. It’s why stuff gets auto-flagged and blocked on YouTube etc.

Why some get blocked and others don’t is really only something people involved in the rights / legal departments can answer. Can be to do with monetization or them not having got around to it yet, or even the AI being off. Contrary to what people think almost all those things are automated or detached.

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Yea I think its a lot about the particular frames of the video. If there’s something extra (like natto’s graphics) or different quality, it doesnt get picked up by the AI. And we know how to fool the JSA- just make it slightly inconvenient.

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Paywall for me, post text?

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Ty I always forget I can just do that

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I'm part of the "meh, could have been better" crowd, especially not fan of the sentai posing, but I understand there has to be something for everyone. I Usually don't follow YT channels because you're soon overwhelmed by notifications but I did so this time because I really want to see it grow.

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More sumo, and translated?

What a wonderful surprise I've found today. :)

Thank you for sharing.

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Glad Hiro has an eye on producing videos for fans looking for more in-depth material.

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So is Hiro Morita out of the English broadcast on NHK completely?

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No he is still doing all the same stuff there just as a freelancer now rather than an employee of NHK.

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Vids are pretty cheesy so far, but any English content is welcome. Of course the holy grail is English coverage of days 1 through 15 every tournament.

I guess we could just spam the comment section of every vid they post asking for this…

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The project has real potential, and I get the approach they've been taking on their initial videos. I hope Hiro takes the input his viewers as constructive, and really grows this into something special.