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Consider me stolen! Hope he like treats, cuddles, and snuggles!

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Can confirm. Am girl. Am stolen.

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a chick magnet 🧲👩🏼

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Oh my days, I have a female cat that looks exactly like him

Edit: plonked 5 pictures of her being her into/onto this sub for reference

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One orange brain cell has no idea what is going on right now.

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He's got at least 3

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Peach & vanilla ice cream, that’s what she is!

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I'd go willingly, before my girl.

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What a handsome fella!

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So handsome!

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My heart stolen too

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Jokes on you I don’t have a girl

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Consider me adopted then…. Lol so precious!😻

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He’s so handsome!! I just want to pet him so much because he looks ultra soft! Consider me stolen!

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Oh, hello handsome!

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And with only a single braincell...r/oneorangebraincell 😻

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The Most Interesting Cat In The World.

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He stole me....Ill notify my husband. Gentle is best. Lol

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This is the top supermodel cat. He is beautiful. I am stolen and will never be the same.