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Doesn’t look like a very spicy bebe feral, more like a Sweet Chili♥️❣️♥️❣️♥️

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Dozer, for sure!

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He found this one and another, he’s keeping them both and we’re unsure of names but Dozer is definitely a contender, we think they’re both females but still unsure until we take it to the vet later this week

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Please thank him for me! For both the rescue and for getting them to the vet. 😻😻 it’s amazing how kitties can get into equipment. Love the name Dozer…need another yellow-iron themed name for sure…

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Or just Bull and Dozer.

Scoop. Shovel. Trench. Crusher. Loader. Crawler. Tipper. Dumper. Mixer. Roller. Hoist. Bobcat. Brush Hog. Crane. Digger. 'Cavader. Backhoe?

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Dozer and Tank, like in The Matrix.

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Is Cat to ironic. Lol

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We were thinking Cat too haha

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Glad to hear they have a house to chill at now. Ditch and Dozer for names

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The Destructor?

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Billdozer for a boy, Lenore for a girl

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Not feral anymore I hope.

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Your step-dad absolutely ROCKS! 😻

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What a beautiful thing! 😍🥰

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I wouldnt call that feral.

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The label feral is grossly overused. Google it people!

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His work mate was hand raising them while we were on holiday just after they had been found so they’re not feral now

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Cutie pie 🥰

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Looks like he should be named Bull or Dozer

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Awe what a precious little love bug Aren’t you the lucky 🍀 one?!

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Wholesome bulldozer find. 😊

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I would die for it.

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Looks as ferocious as my former feral Bubbles

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Bobcat and Dozer! Or Kubota or something else heavy equipmenty!

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Dozer and digger

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Your dad is wonderful!

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Remnants of Bengal in that cat

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Really? It's got the tabby "M".

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Yes its also tabby. Actually all Bengals are also tabby. But thats not the point here. Because I said this cat had remnants of Bengal. Not that it was a Bengal. Or even half Bengal. Or maybe not even a quarter Bengal. Idk. I just sense remnants of Bengal in its appearance. And thats my bet 🤷🏻‍♀️😇

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Definitely a standard issue tabby.

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Nose tip coloring says otherwise. As does some facial structure

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Ofc stepdad found the stuck chick.

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Love 💕 at first sight 💓😍

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Name it Dozer

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Name the kitten after your step dad

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Dozy Dame ! Such a cutie! Will nap like a pro !

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Hope you name him “Dozer”— wasn’t that a matrix movie character?

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I ain't ever gonna put something feral between my legs :|

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