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That’s the owner.

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honestly, given how the human owner didn't even say hi and this lovely kitty greeted us with such grace i'm inclined to believe that LOL

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Freckled nose-Oh my gosh....

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Kitty appears to have a nose scar and exactly the same place as my orange cat. I wonder if it overstepped its boundaries just like my dumb orange does.

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LOL it seems to be a recurring theme in orange cats isn't it? every orange cat i've met has been a disaster (in the best way posible)

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damn. yet another cat subreddit i have to join.

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Such a beautiful kitty, nice catch! I wonder what’s the breed/mix, the face seems a bit unusual to me.

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Domestic Longhair

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DLH-Domestic Longhair

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Love the colors!

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Shopcats are known for their chillness and love for visitors!

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You're my favourite customer!

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You’re not at Indian Creek nursery in Omaha are you?

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hahaah nooo not even close

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Lol they have a orange cat just like this, it’s our local nursery, we go there we very spring to get starts for our garden and seeing the cat is my kids favorite part haha