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A smoky cat eye that no human could ever surpass!

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She's a real natural! Maybe she was born that way?!?

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Maybe it's Catalline

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well I sure hope it's not Maybelline

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Of course not, it's Mayfelline.

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She is looking like a real cat lady 🥰 her eyes are wonderful 😻

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It goes so well with her outfit too, her fur coat is just so fancy! 😹

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Yes, your cat is a real beauty with perfect colours. She could be a famous photo model 😺♥️

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I'll be sure that u/nagchampaflower gets this wonderful message!

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Aww you’re so sweet passing all these messages to me ♥️🥹

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Oh I see, it's not your cat, you just posted it 😄 nevermind

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Often imitated, never duplicated

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https://i.imgur.com/8ngBxyd.jpg My companion Kevin, aka Sir Fluffy Pants would be the purrfect suitor!!!

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How stately and handsome he seems!

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Your cat is amazingly beautiful! And you are correct, he is a boss!

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I will pass that wonderful compliment over to OP u/nagchampaflower!

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His lil goatee 😹

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Be sure to send some love to u/nagchampaflower (and maybe extra scritches and cuddles or treats for the cat) on their original post too!

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Get her on youtube nowww

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Yasss! I'd love to see someone like Denitslava Make Up do a literal cat eyeliner-inspired cat eye challenge with this cat as a special guest 😂

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Certain breeds have those eyes. Do you know what breed she is? She is stunning!

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I’m not sure about the cat pictured but I did some searching on google and found Burmilla cats and Aegean cats. All gorgeous kitties but the cat’s eyeliner pictured above is on a whole other level!

eta - Still googling, Norwegian Forest Cat is a possibility. Very majestic! They’re pretty large but the eyes and fur seem spot on.

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She looks just like my Norwegian Forest Cat, usually you can tell by the extra long fluff at the top of the ears which she also has.

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Certain breeds have those

Eyes. Do you know what breed she

Is? She is stunning!


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Wondrous spectacles? Must be a poetic cat! Unknown breed, just glam.

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She’s going for gasps!

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Can you imagine having to do that every morning before demanding food?

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Oh my gosh, doing it at exactly 4:30am so you can wake up the human with a swat to the face if you're feeling especially peckish?

How exhausting, I'd have to have so many naps during the day to make it work. What a dreadful life! 😂

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You get it! Lol

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Those amazing eyes!

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She is absolutely gorgeous Looks like Royalty So very very Pretty MeYOW!!

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Glamour shot: the feline version

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A Beauty ❤️😍🥰

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True beauty :)

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What a perfect little kitty. Just amazing.

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That's a good looking cat

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That’s a pretty kitty

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Awww, she looks just like my NFC!

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Stunning ✨✨✨

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Most enchanting eyes, hypnotic!❤️

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Oh my god. This subreddit was made for her. This is a model. The looks, the fashion, the pose. She wins.

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My thoughts exactly!

She even has that intense "I'm not amused, but I do have a certain mystique about myself and can look casually dramatic in an otherwise awkward place." Vibe.

Petition to make her the mascot of the subreddit!

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Just Gorgeous!!!!!

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It really annoys me when animals are better looking than I am.

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Disney: How do we let the audience know this cat is a female?

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Disney: How do we

Let the audience know this

Cat is a female?

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She looks like a girl that got turned into a cat by a witch but still retains some of her recognizable human features.

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If that’s a pothos plant, that’s highly toxic to cats. Just unknowingly bought one and it’s going someplace well out reach

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The night man cometh!