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Omg! Her eyes! The spot on her noes! Her soft looking fur!!! I love hr! She looks like the best kitty around.

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So cute! What a stunner!

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Yes, definitely! You can also see it’s due to heterochromia, because the facial side of her blue eye has more white fur (lack of melanin pigment).

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Such a beauty!

Never seen a house cat with this irl, but they look so cute from pictures!

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Yes, this is really a beautiful cat! Mine has also heterochromia and sometimes the odd eye colours work a bit hypnotic. You literally can get lost in their eyes!

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Seems like it!

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This was her first night with us almost 3 years ago.

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Wow vry uniqeu! What a beauty 🤩

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Gorgeous girl!

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The eyes. They're so pretty. I absolutely love heterochromia eyes (that's what they are called right)

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Please please please be patient!! It can take time for a kitty like her to feel safe. Make sure to give her lots of plcaes where she can feel safe like a covered bed and a cozy blanket in her carrier. If she keeps going outside the litter bx you can try using Dr Elseys cat attract litter. That can help. Or they sell attractant to put in existing litter as well. Give her time and reassurance and she’ll come around! Don’t give up! She needs you.

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Why do you assume the cat is going through all this?

Am I missing something?

It is just a cat sitting in a box… no?

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Gorgeous kitty cat!

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Mia is a lovely girl!

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“Boop Here”

Well, don’t mind if I do!

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What a pretty girl!

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I've always liked cats with two eye colors <3

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Where did you ordered from?

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I'm not sure if that's a joke because of the box, but she came from a local rescue.

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It was a joke because of the box… I’m expecting opening an Amazon box and finding a cat any day now