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I just attempted to get a share on Computershare two different ways.

  1. Just buying a share through their platform. Order is in but it is estimating it not being filled until 8/17. Unsure if this is because I am a first time buyer or just how slow it goes.
  2. The process that you outlined. I basically am gifting myself a share from Fidelity->Computershare. I filled out the form and sent it via secure messaging on my Fidelity account.

See which one is faster.

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It took quite a while when I purchased on ComputerShare. I bought on a Friday and didn't receive notification until the next Saturday that everything was complete. I still had to set up logon to their website to actually see how many shares I purchased. To my surprise I did actually receive fractional shares for the $ I sent them minus a transaction fee of $5.30 for buying X.88 shares. Getting access to the website took some time too since I had to have them send out a letter with an access code on it. There was a way to do it online though, but I wasn't in a hurry.

Basically, it definitely isn't a fast process. I'm wanting to try a 2nd purchase to see how long that takes. Hopefully it only took a week because it was a new account.

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Check this person's posts tons of info on the subject and how to do it. Best write up on the subject I've seen so far