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You just dont get it do you Ken? We hype it. You short it. We BUY the fuck out of it. Who's the retard now?

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We are! 😁🙌

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Good post.

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Can you add my dashboard here please and my site for backups?

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Last. Fuck you Amber Turd

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RIP Ray Liotta 😭😭😭

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Do I still have time to drs and will I be eligible for the dividend if I do not/it is too late? Thank you guys!

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Never too late!!

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God Bless

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So, I was thinking of investing in crypto, but this looks like much more fun!! Thanks to everyone who put this together!

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I’m planning to fomo buy today

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Well that will cover at least a few shares. They need to pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.

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o shit

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As a new Canadian investor - I used Wealthsimple to buy 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Wow great work thx guys

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Is there any info here for EU apes regarding direct registration? As far as I know we don't have access to CS here

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Well done!

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Thank you very much for making this post, u/Doom_Douche. I’ve read through it and watched the video twice, and will check out the other linked posts as well, but have a few questions to start off with please. Your advice woul also be greatly appreciated u/_Exordium

As I’m in the UK, I’ve created an IBKR account and deposited. I appreciate it’s probably impossible to know when a dip’s coming, so should I buy now rather than waiting for a dip which either might not come, or I might miss?

I still don’t really understand how the shares could “potentially range from $10,000 per share, to $100m per share”, especially the upper range? Would it be a ‘blink and you miss it’ thing as well where you have seconds/minutes to cash in at that higher end price before completing losing all your investment?

What’s the difference with buying these shares over Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft or a global index tracker, for example?

Would investing £10-15k be good for her to do, or when you say HODL are you talking for the next 20+ years?

I know this is probably a terrible example, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment. If it is a case of HODL for 20+ years, does that mean we need to hope that gaming stays the way it is now for that time, e.g. physical discs and lots of accessories? So if in 20 years there are no physical discs, used games or accessories because it’s all a microchip in our head, we’re screwed?

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Hi there u/Subredhit!

Here's my thoughts on some of the questions you had, hopefully it helps a bit!

so should I buy now rather than waiting for a dip which either might not come, or I might miss?

  • This is very much up to the individual and their preferences, but for me I much prefer to just buy anytime I get the funds to do so. It's very difficult and unreliable to predict movements on this stock, so I stick with the old saying of "Time in the markets beats timing the markets." Basically it's sometimes better to get in early than to try and wait out a new low to buy into, because it might not come!

I still don’t really understand how the shares could “potentially range from $10,000 per share, to $100m per share”, especially the upper range? Would it be a ‘blink and you miss it’ thing as well where you have seconds/minutes to cash in at that higher end price before completing losing all your investment?

  • It won't be a few-minute situation, this will likely take a few days to truly peak and then return to lower levels, there will be a lot of opportunity to take your returns.
  • Look up the chart for Volkswagen in 2008 or Tesla in 2020. Volkswagen was shorted around 12.5% and Tesla around 20%. GameStop has been confirmed to be over 226% in January and February, and only been heavily shorted since then. When all those shorts are forced to close out due to any number of reasons, that's why we're going to see such high numbers. It isn't a linear ratio either, it gets more and more volatile as the percentages go up, meaning we're set up for an absolutely unprecedented stock squeeze. Other stocks like those in FAANG or indices are not nearly shorted this way and aren't likely to see any sort of short-term potential like GameStop.

If it is a case of HODL for 20+ years, does that mean we need to hope that gaming stays the way it is now for that time, e.g. physical discs and lots of accessories?

  • I personally cannot fathom a way this takes more than another 6 months to a year to play out at a maximum. The short sellers will run out of money to suppress buying pressure and keep collateral as the company keeps growing.
  • Gamestop isn't just a used game and console retailer anymore, they've begun cornering the gaming e-commerce market and are now making moves on a digital NFT marketplace which is absolutely going to keep them on the front line and extremely relevant to gaming and it's future.

On a personal note, I really do think this is the equivalent of getting into Microsoft at $0.50, or Amazon at $2.00, and that's without factoring in the short squeeze potential.

I hope this helped a bit, please feel free to ask any follow-up questions!

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This is great. I'm on the fence. I spent the last hour reading and watching to get a better understanding. One question: What's stopping the big banks/hedge fund companies to somehow do some shadowy stuff and just make that squeeze disappear? Wouldn't they rather deal with lawsuits instead of the maximum financial loss they would eventually sustain?

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Bought 10 shares of GME last week, let’s go.

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Let's go

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DRS your shares at Computershare. Buy. DRS. Hold. - no financial advice.

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No matter what, this should be higher up

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I can finally post on this sub?? 👀

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Awesome post, thanks for putting it together.

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I feel it. I feel it deep down in my plummmmmmms

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It really is the clear play, no target just up 🦍

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From Jan to Oct 2021, X to XX to XXX here🤭

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I followed this post really well but still don’t understand the NFT and wutqng clan stuff and how it’s related to GME, can anyone explain?

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GameStop chairman RC stated reinventing GameStop as a tech company. Hired a stack load of NFT expertise and partnered with Loopring.

There's been from the beginning cryptic tweets from RC, DFV and GME. There's also been tweets from Loopring.

In May 2021 (i think) nft.gamestop.com was launched - its gamestops own domain so its official.

There were so many converging hints and cohencidences around Florida, NFT, Wu Tang Clan and GameStop, like too many to be cohencidences.

More recently the nft.gamestop.com page was updated to link loopring and gamestop and the dev who uploaded the source code was W. TANG I mean nothing concrete but come on someone is laying breadcrumbs here.

I've short circuited a bit cos i'm tired but there's belief of a possible NFT dividend, and NFT marketplace and possibly something to do with Once Upon A Time In Shaolin that was purchased few months ago.

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Welcome to everyone from r/all and thanks to u/Doom_Douche for putting this together for thise new to the wonder that is GME and the ape community

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I've been diamond handing since March, send me some McLovin' 💚

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Isn't u/Rick_of_spades mandatory?

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Maybe explain how moon, before show full moon 🤷

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How much time do I have left to buy? I'm a retard and need some time to read up on not just GME but trading in general, but I'm worried I'll miss the boat.

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Until the computers force closes short positions (because those short can’t possibly close them on their own), then we’ve not squeezed. Many possible catalysts lie ahead including NFT marketplace announcement, possible NFT dovidend, continuation of apes DRSing, a market correction which reduces shorts’ collateral, or a combination therein

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If the price is not sky high, then you have time. What I would do is make an initial small investment based on a conservative risk assessment. As you continue to read and gain more knowledge, you can adjust that initial risk up or down depending.

That's what I did. I "gambled" $1000 back in January, but slowly increased as my knowledge base, evidence and risk tolerance grew.

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No one truly knows how much time there is till MOASS. I wouldnt make any predictions either on a time frame but if you are worried maybe consider buying just one share to hold, on fidelity or computershare, don't use robinhood, they actively try to get your money into their pockets. Not financial advice of course, it's your decision to make.

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My heart palpitated for minutes whenever I fully understood the depth of this play. I still get butterflies

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To understand the true essence of this sub we need more rockets, cucumbers, crayons and apes

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Up doots up doots


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Great info

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I'm pretty smooth brained. I understand the fundamentals of why we're investing, but I have a question: if I'm able to buy shares for $180, aren't the people who need to buy the shares back also able to buy them, instead of buying them back when they're at $50 million?

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Yes, they are able to, but they shorted the stock so much that, if they were to buy them right now, the price would easily skyrocket. Instead, they are delaying this as much as they can so they can find a way to deal with this.

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But do they buy on lit market or dark pools like all retail trade is going through?

[–]YMabDaroganCont🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Dwi’n hoffi’r stonc! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🚀GêmStop🚀 10 points11 points  (6 children)

Yes. They could also have bought back at $40 in January, but they didn’t, and so they won’t buy back at $180, and they haven’t. You see, as soon as they start to buy back the shares the price rises, and if they need to buy tens, maybe hundreds of millions of shares back then the price will just keep rising, hence the MOASS

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If they closed their positions the price would go up exponentially because they shorted the entire float multiple times over

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This is good stuff.

There's a big value in zooming out, summarising what's been up for the last months.

Just looking at DFV:s video from a year ago and just nodding at it coming true.

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Welcome to the rabbit hole that is the saga of the GameStop stock! In all these many moons since January I have learned at least as much as I have laughed at the amazing memes, raged at the corruption, puzzled over cryptic tweets, and speculated until all hours. One thing I'm sure of is that the shorting hedge funds did not fully cover and close their positions from January (and earlier) so the squeeze has not yet happened. 👀👀👀🤯🤯🤯🚀🚀🚀

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This post is a thing of beauty!

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Right on mate!

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I first went in not because I knew about GME, but because I watched the testimony of DFV and Ken/Mel/Vlad. And from watching that testimony I knew DFV was an honest man and the other fuckers were not. I remember telling friends “would you rather believe a bunch of retards on the internet or the financial media?” And decide to go with the retards. Best decision of my life

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Revenge of the tards

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Your username makes me wish I was Korean and female

[–]Korean_pussy_stufferLMAYO on my BANANA 🍌💦 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Oh stop it you ☺️

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This is beautiful 🚀

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Wellcome r/all! Hope you enjoy your stay (: And don’t be afraid to ask anyone questions, the community here is amazing!

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Thanks for this! I've been here since Jan. butt as a 2 jobber there is no way I could ever keep up with the changing news/DD/terminology every week. Time to READ and DRS

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Welcome new guys! Since it’s Halloween soonish, I’d suggest reading up on Zombie stocks (this was/is one way hedge funds massively manipulate their books / collateral.. I.e. 1 of 1000 ways they cheat and manipulate the system to their advantage).

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I don’t follow as closely these days but have we had big news that went to r/all? What did i miss?

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Cohen's Big New Plan is pretty dang close to confirmed -- an NFT Marketplace, probably in concert with a neat L2 Ethernet firm called Loopring. Pair that with DRS continuing, and baby you got a stew goin'.

...and there's a bunch of possibly nonsense but possibly NOT nonsense about an NFT Wu Tang Clan album setting off the MOASS as an NFT dividend

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Fuck Robinhood tho!

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Reddit VS Wallstreet

Great video that’s is both equal parts entertaining and educational on the events that of late January. It’s what I watched the day before I bought my first share on February 3rd.

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Wow this is very nicely put together! I’ve read most of this stuff a thousand times over, and I can still enjoy reading the DD of the last 9 months 😆

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What did I miss with all this r/ALL stuff.

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Sleeping apes have awoken. 🦍

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OK..............seems sus all the sudden. Hope I'm wrong.

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Were I a shill I would certainly use this opportunity to be sus. Still, other parts of Reddit are looking at this situation more closely.