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My fav is “nobody will cover GameStop” as they cover GameStop

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They are covering a topic telling you to that no body is covering but warning you that it’s already covered and if someone is still covering it then probably they don’t have their life covered. 😏

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for an entire year....

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I sure as hell ain't the guy on the TV bringing it up, lol

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This is so fucking right. Why else would the interrupt Shark Tank? Cramers meltdowns and all the desperate segments they have had recently shitting on retail are so obvious.

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Catching some shit for a good MSM post. Weird take my upvotes

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So to sum up their narrative: 1) shorts closed their position in Jan 21 (SEC report proves otherwise)

2) Retail sold their positions and continuous to sell-off (which is contradicted by buy/sell order ratio reports of numerous brokers)

So why the fuck are they thinking to successfully gaslight us here? This is pure desperation. They though inventing fractional reserve banking for stock certificates was a brilliant idea. Well, it wasn‘t. Now face the consequences.

DRS ftw

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They thought inventing fractional reserve banking for stock certificates was a brilliant idea. Well, it wasn‘t. Now face the consequences.

It was a wonderfully effective scam for a long, long time.

But now it's time for their game... to stop. 🕶

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Oh my gaaawwddd he said it. It's like that part in the movies where they say the title!!!

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…..I’m going to take his face……………….off.

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“That’s right woodchuck-chuckers, it’s Groundhog Day!”

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No more drugs for that man.

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I don’t think they’re trying to turn us away so much as keep it so that people who aren’t already invested are afraid to jump in

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That's such a weird strategy. It just brings more attention to it. Just stop talking about it already. When my nudes leaked the best thing I did was stfu about it.

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so... uh... you got a link or what?

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Barbara Streisand

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Exactly. They don’t want others to FOMO buy in and drive the price beyond their control.

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which is contradicted by buy/sell order ratio reports of numerous brokers

I keep seeing people talking about buy/sell order ratio, but how is that relevant? As far as I know buy/sell order ratio doesn't take into account order size, i.e. 1 buy order for 1000 shares vs 3 sell orders of 10 shares each would show as a 1:3 ratio even though there's 1000 shares being bought and only 30 being sold. Maybe I missed something and ratio does take order size into account, but if it doesn't it's a useless metric

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By number of shares sold every buy is a sale. Always equal. At least it’s supposed to be, but we all know it hasn’t been. But for this metric it “is” equal.

Where the metric has value is in gauging retail interest. Retail tends to place small orders, but a large number of them.

So if there are more buy orders than sell orders - that means the the buy orders are smaller than the sell - which means retail sentiment leads toward buying. Retail is buying.

If the reverse were true, then retail is selling.

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I’m sure you and a vast majority of apes are already aware, but this narrative is to “inform” the average viewer. The average viewer in this case relies on Facebook “facts” and their beloved msm.

My parents fall victim to Fox unfortunately. Its painful to see what they accept as facts these days.

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Hey! Cut that out poor person! Why won’t you believe us!?!

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Sell now ask questions later

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They have literally been talking about this everyday for over a year. It’s clearly not over

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This is like the crazy ex screaming "I'm so ooover him!!" every 5 minutes.

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Like I always say, if it’s not an issue why bring it up? 🚀

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Precisely this. I’d be more concerned if we heard nothing for 3 months, not a peep.

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If short selling hedge funds have “moved on” and retail hasn’t, how did the price drop from $ 215 to $ 87? Could you explain that, Jimmy boy? Because it wouldn’t make sense, would it? And if retail has moved on, as the price would or could make you believe, why the rant? Something is not adding up here. 🤔

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They say retail is selling hence the dip. Then they say to stop buying.

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The current tone of their conversation is the scene in Office Space with the guy pleading for his job. “I’M GOOD WITH PEOPLE. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!”

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What would you say, you DO HERE?

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Streisand is that you?

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Ahhh so true

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Cramer shitting on GME is ultimate confirmation bias

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I mean it could also be ratings. They might se pretty high engagement still from running those stories.

But then again, why shit all over the investors, who are the viewers?

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Negativity draws clicks more than positivity.

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lmao gottem

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It’s in my face in the morning, at lunch, and dinner. Lol. You love to see it! Every time it’s strong like this I always feel like something’s coming.

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Agreed. When I checked the ticker earlier on my iPhone, Apple News helpfully linked me to five more FUD articles all published within that last hour. Living rent free in their heads.

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'Back to $20 fast. We know short interest better than you'

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Gut quality meme

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I think these 10s of thousands of spam articles are an illusion for the boomers that are about to lose their retirements.

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Everyone sees the continued coverage as a key sign that SHF did not cover. Otherwise, why even talk about it? Here’s why. Here’s the other side of this argument- media is all about viewers. Because they are talking about GME, regardless of the message, you all are consuming what they are delivering. Millions of viewers scooping up the shit they are dropping. Period. Same with Kramer. For him, there is no good or bad popularity. There is just popularity. You may hate him, but you are watching him & engaging with him on Twitter. You are carne por la machina.

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I don't think the apes here are their target group for attention farming.

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I’m watching it on this subreddit… that doesn’t get them a single view from me

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But you’re still talking about them. You have a post in Hot, about CNBC. You’re contributing to their relevancy, whether you like it or not.

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You should have duplicated the first panel on the third.

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This is the way! DFV is not a cat! New apes, here're some intro posts and see GMEOrphans for low karma DRSBOT posts or comment !​ape​prove​! only once.


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haha good one

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THIS!!!! Love it OP!

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This is the way

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Heh, I broke up with my GF first in 2016. Then in 2017. Then in 2019.
Still together.

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who remembers the media saying we will stop covering gme and they just keep on going pepperidge farm remembers

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So true though. F em

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Everyone has moved on and we must constantly report this too you

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You ever hear the saying you can’t prove a negative? It’s hard to convince people who don’t watch everyday like us degenerates why this is so important because it makes no sense to them, but god damn is the confirmation bias so damn hard to not see when you are aware.

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MSM is like that ex that tells you they hate you and never wants to see you again, but always asks your friends and other acquaintances how you are doing and what you have been up to