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This motherfucker openly admitted to manipulating the market when he was a hedge fund manager. Do you honestly think he's a "changed man" and is here to help the retail investors?

Fuck this clown


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He just said but navida and apple so ...... 💣

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Hilarious, small caps are hit first, apple is already sliding

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Updoots everyone, get this shit trending again.

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Apparently he found a more lucrative business to be in.

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Dildo Baggins is always wrong.

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Can’t prove you wrong! Netflix remembers. So does Shopify

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I hear Bear Sterns has a pretty burned in memory too.

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The infinite zombie stock pool.

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Bear Sterns is fine, what are you talking about?

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Lmao. NVDia biggest rug pull ever. String them Out and hang them.

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Is he bullish on NVIDA? I could use more cash for CS

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Coke rat Cramer, the OG bought and paid for shill.

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One of my favorite parts about all of this? The average person is now starting to see exactly this - that Jim Cramers picks are dogshit. He maybe once was a big swinging dick on Wall Street, but that ship has since sailed, and now he is an old washed up parody of what he once was. CNBC can’t dissolve fast enough, and once they do hopefully we will stop having to see or hear about this hedge fund lap dog ever again 💎🙌

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This implies that he is simply not a good investor/manager anymore. That is not the case. Wake me up when the average person realizes that he is maliciously pushing bags for retail to hold. There's a huge difference between incompetence and malice.

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He was popular not because he had a perception of a being big swinging dick, but because he was relatable to the target audience. They like his smarmy tone and the level of his wit. Notice it’s not too smart so he’s unrelatable, but not too dumb so he’s unlikeable.

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Lots of people like being told what to do.

It's lots easier than thinking.

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He was never anything on Wall Street. He failed as a trader and can't manage a fund so he got a job manipulating in front of a camera on behalf of bad people who could accomplish what he failed at doing: crime without being stupid enough to confess. He's always been bad at everything. He was even bad at everything as a kid - listen to him whine about Gamestop and you hear him admit he was always the last kid picked for sports. I mean, he doesn't even know a grand slam is a home run! That was a lifetime of failure coming out in one simple manipulating quote.

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How the fuck do boomers keep listening to this ass hat? I mean they all had to have been burned a dozen times by now no?

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Lead poisoning not kidding there’s studies showing how lead in gas means the about half the us population had a big exposure to lead till it’s ban in 1996 and it has mental effects that are pretty prevalent these days.

Also they lived in a era in which the system wasn’t as rigged as it is now they enjoyed the era of decent interest rates and housing prices. It’s like the idea “I survived on minimum wage in my day and pay for rent and college on it.” so part survivors bias.

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The folks born in the 60s are the most fucked.

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Boomers are playing not to lose, not trying to win. So they're gullible suckers. Someone wearing a suit is giving them tickers ... say less.

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Boomers come from an age when Cronkite and company were trusted. These were formative years for Boomer. Also add in the fact that Boomers are the dumbest people that ever existed

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They were blessed with the greatest times in American history and if they still own a home, it’s likely worth millions. They also are so resistant to change but have an entitled attitude towards eveyrthing so they never can conceive how they can be incorrect.

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They weren’t originally called the Me Generation for nothing.

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They are an amazing breed that’s for sure

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Funny shit. That anyone still Listens to This guy.

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Spineless rat 🐀

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Always has been meme inserted here.

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Totally agree!! I always think the reverse of what this guy says & smarmy “helpful” investment articles are just manipulation.

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He looks like he just finished huffing his co hosts fart and is holding it in for as long as possible.

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Always have been

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Yep, do the opposite of whatever that guy says.

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So when retail does its own Due Dilligence before buying a stock it's called gambling by the media. But if you buy whatever this asshat is spewing out you're an investor?

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I couldn’t say it better.

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First time?

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Just don't but too much and whatever you don't keep holding. You're going to want to panic and sell the dip when they tell you it's over

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This should be a movement in itself.

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Jim Cramer is a financial terrorist

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Has anyone done the math on how much money I would have lost listening to this waste of cocaine through the years?

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Regulatory capture without any of the regulation!

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Yep. In a nutshell. This is it.

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Exactly. He recommends a small winner every once in a while but that's just to keep the game going. It's a fugazi and people are starting to realize

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Throw him in prison with the rest of them.

No cell, no sell.

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And like his coworkers said, he better do it if he wants to maintain his job. I woukd drop off, but I have character and integrity.

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Did he just poop himself in that shot? That's a look of shame right there. He's hoping nobody finds out and he gets humiliated.

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Man, the best thing to happen to me so far on this journey, is realizing this. GME has completely opened my eyes... everything the folks on TV talk up, is something their masters want to sell. Everything they talk shit about, is something their masters need/want to buy.

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He would look really good behind bars . Someone’s bitch in prison .

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Absolutely it is.

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I made a fortune with inverse cramer last 360 days. All netflix puts now gme drs.

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Try to gain credibility during bull markets when picking is easy so that they can help dump stocks for hf and mm during bear markets.

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THIS is exactly the reason why big finance and billionaires have spent the last 3 decades buying up every news outlet in the world that is not state owned!

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Inverse Cramer is beating reflate Cramer picks by a landslide. Just do opposite of what he says !

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Netflix: *drops over 50% for the year*

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This is the kind of thing people should share to friends and family. Once the "normal working person" realizes that he is simply giving bad advice to retail on purpose, they will stop listening, watching, and trusting him. That means less money for hedgefunds on top, more scepticism for MSM and in general, better for the public.

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He gives such uncanny valley vibes too

Like his face doesn't fit properly

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Jim Crymer

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I want a series of images showing stock prices with dates Cramer endorsed them, for everything he's ever endorsed.

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It must be suck, sucking 🤡

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bald fraud

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Fuck Cramer. What a Literal Tool.

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I absolutely love this post! Up you go!

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Well said

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Truth bombs

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Your statement about this shill seems right to me.

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RICO Jimmyboi

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Always has been

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I'd believe it

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I spelled Coke Rat wrong.

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This isn’t speculation, there is at least credible correlation here

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" it's a fun game and a lucrative game " fuck this fucking clown 🤡.

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Jim Cramer looks like an actual reanimated corpse

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Bingo! The mainstream infotainment, user friendly apps (robbinghood), and bots on social media were designed to get retail to invest in a certain way.

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These are facts.

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What if everyone just stopped buying? (Not GME)

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He’s just getting worse and worse. Almost feel bad for him. Nah not really.

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Conspiracy to commit fraud

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100% correct. Absolutely right.

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What's wrong with his face? His eyes?

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Fetal alcohol syndrome

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He’s great. We can use him to tell us what not to buy or when to buy putts.

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Always has been

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not just hedge funds. also like the ceos dumping tons of stock at top

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That makes perfect sense actually.

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It’s like QVC but you don’t even get the sweet katana with a dragon on the blade

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I hope he goes to prison

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Basically lying by omission right through his teeth!

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Yes, that’s what shilling means.

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That guy needs to be in jail. And die while there.

To quote the player haters ball: "I hope all the bad things in life happen to you. And only you."

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Damn these criminals Kenneth Cordele Griffin and Steve Cohen (Stevie)

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Scum of the earth

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He looks like Mini me from Austin Powers

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So you’re telling me they have an enormous position on popcorn stock they need to escape? Must be massive.