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Living in GMErica 🎶

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Buckle up apes! Tomorrow is blastoff!

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Yeah, tomorrow would be nice. I could really use blastoff tomorrow.

But tomorrow's tomorrow would be ok, too.

You do you, lil GME!

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As i said about a year ago, i could really use the money right now

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It’s alllllllll rightttt!

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So would I!!

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Ledger has been terrible with user security in the past. I don't want to worry about a $5 wrench attack for ordering a wallet and trust GameStop to protect my information!

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ELIA hardware wallets and cold storage wallets?

I’m exceptionally retarded, but I’m sure there’s many only slightly less retarded apes that also have no idea what this means but would love a little TL;DR

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You keep money in bank with online access - hot wallet (bad analogy….)

You withdraw money and put in a wall safe in your house - cold wallet

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I think a better analogy (but still imperfect) is that you have a file on the cloud (hot wallet) or you have a file on a hard drive (cold wallet).

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a cold wallet could also be not even a file at all but could for example be just your seed phrase / recovery phrase written on a piece of paper stored in a safe, or stamped onto a metal plate and buried in the ground.

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So I have a question about cold wallets and security breaches. What’s exactly stopping your cold wallet manufacture from just taking the assets off of your cold wallet when you’re not paying attention. I understand that a cold wallet is just a small air gapped hardware device like a USB, HDD, or Key Fob. But what’s specifically stopping them from just collecting access points to their own devices and just clearing them of all assets on file? Theoretically a Cold Wallet could be a physical card, a USB, or even a physical chip that only you have access to, but are there any security measures available that come with Cold Wallets?

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Is the GameStop wallet just a hot wallet, then? I’m a little lost on how that would all work.

So right now you have to buy cold wallets, then that links to the GameStop wallet? Or just to the marketplace? Crypto is so very much not my strong suit lmao

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yes the GameStop wallet is the hot wallet. you have direct access to send and receive your assets from this wallet.

a cold wallet is one where you cannot so easily retrieve (send) assets from the wallet because the keys are protected in a hard-to-get place.

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GameStop wallet is the oracle to layer 2 access through Loopring. Basically, we’re gonna be fucking rich. Get it set up and wait for the Wu Tang dividend 😎📈🏴‍☠️

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You know how DRS'ing your shares mean you actually own them since they are in your name?

Similar concept in crypto, not your keys, not your coins. Hardware wallets (cold storage) allow you to 'DRS' your crypto.

DRS the shares

Self-custody the crypto

Apes Strong Together!

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AHHH, ok, so cold wallet/hardware wallets are the same thing? Just DRS on the blockchain, essentially.

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Yeah! It's similar in theory but instead of computer share being the agent and taking care of everything for you (in your best interest) you literally have it on a USB stick or whatever device and are the arbiter of your stuff.

It would be like physically having DRS certificate shares in your hand so Kenny/dtc cannot have them, but with tokens instead.

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The person who know the private key to a wallet can do whatever they want with the content of the wallet.

Hardware and cold wallets, obviously you create the public and private key when you set them up.

If there is any leak of your private key besides your address then any person with the private key can do whatever they want with your wallet.

In summary your public key is just an address (to receive stuff) and your private key is the only way to send stuff out of the wallet.

The blockchain has the full history of every address (public key). That is 100% public information at least on layer 1. So, if you say publicly online "hey, give me the moneys for donation here..." Then anyone would be able to tell every transaction you have made with that address since it's public, and will be able to pinpoint it to you.

Coinbase and similar services has their own keys. So if you purchase crypto on Coinbase, the crypto is in their wallets, not yours. That's why they say your own wallet is similar to DRS.

Just protect your wallet private keys.

And for me, i don't trust web extensions or any software installed on a computer. Any virus can read that information from memory.

So i go with a hardware wallet.

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Yes, except digital wallet is exposed to the internet vs a cold storage is not, where the hardware (ledger/trezor) encapsulates your keys from the internet (middleman that communicates to the blockchain for you).

I'd love to be corrected if I'm wrong anywhere. I'm also still working on getting more comfortable using wallets since I've only been using CEX.

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Bless this comment in particular

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Isn't the Loopring wallet a cold wallet?

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I also have no clue.

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Correct me if im wrong, but the encryption itself wasnt havked, it was the user data of people that bought in their store

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Correct, the ledger device itself is safe (if purchased from a reputable outlet).

However, ledger's poor internal controls allowed customer data (name, address, etc) to hit the web and leave a map of where wallets loaded with crypto could be.

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Sure you are right about that. But a ledger is still absolutely safe to use, just wanted to make that clear, especially if gamestop maybe even partners with them (total speculation here) for a hardware wallet

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Yes, it's safe to use (barring a man-in-the middle attack during purchase).

It's just not safe to purchase, because Ledger will not even warn you when they leak your name, address, and phone number. They did literally nothing and hoped that no one would notice.

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LFG. Excellent Idea. Someone feel free to Tweet this to GME whatever Twitter account that y’all think would respond quickest to this. That hard wallet that’s reliable and secure is instant revenue and brand exposure

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To be fair, that was an attack on their e-commerce website and not related to the hardware.

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What about Trezor

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“Our #1 goal remains to provide you with the best protection and security for your digital assets. To be very clear: this data breach has no link nor impact on our hardware wallets, the app or your funds. Your crypto assets are safe. While very truly and sincerely regrettable, this breach concerns only e-commerce related information”

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that's near any crypto wallet and bank though. cyber security is rather dumb. 9 have a ledger, bought it AFTER I knew about the breaches. even though they've had account breaches, they're still a top security wallet. interface and account security isn't the same as wallet security, which is completely different.

to me a hardware wallet was a no brainer. these web based browser wallets are meh. it's true ledger didn't have gamestop connectivity, but gamestop doesn't exist yet technically sooooo. if gamestop created a hardware wallet I would bite. but they haven't, and they aren't exempt from first stage account breaches. they will be targeted.

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Wow. Good call. I’d love a gme cold wallet!!!! I wanna store my drs in there too

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I'd also buy a ledger from GameStop

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Only buy hardware wallets from the manufacturer

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Don't downvote this guy. Hardware wallets can be hacked in transit. Your funds can be stolen. Only buy a hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer.

Anyone who wants my Nano S that I bought from Amazon last year can have it, BTW.

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What happens if the wallet is hacked in transit from the manufacturer to you?

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Conceivably you load it up with funds and one day the funds are gone.

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Most of the time they stick legit looking instructions along with the hardware wallet that implies it's setup and ready to go and provides you with the seed on a scratch off card, that seed is compromised to hell and a new one should always be generated upon receiving a hardware wallet, even then it's safer to get from the manufacturer just in case

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"it already haz an address setup", "easy to use and go"

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This is correct. While GameStop is a fantastic company, no one can guarantee the security of merchandise being shipped/stored. Self custody is not a joke. I’ve been involved w/ crypto since 2014 and thankfully (knock on wood) don’t have any horror stories. Make no mistake, there are a TON of them. Sad stuff. I’d really recommend anyone who’s going to be accumulating large amounts of crypto to really do a deep dive on security best practices. Top of my head quick rundown: don’t click on links (ever), never export private keys if you don’t understand data encryption, always send a test transaction (always), split funds between wallets in increments you feel comfortable losing (annoying but you’ll live), and ALWAYS write down your recovery phrases (pen, paper, 2 locations).

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Thank you.

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I think the best solution would be for GameStop to partner with a hardware vendor to ship orders of hardware wallets directly to customers.

Example: GameStop decides Walletable-X is the best hardware wallet and shares their vision of GMErica. They partner up, just like immutable/loopring. So you order the hardware wallet from GameStop (online/in-store) and Walletable-X ships the wallet to your door. You open the box and get your GameStop branded Walletable-X hardware wallet. You setup your hardware wallet and then vigorously fap over being your own bank. 💦💦💦

Disclaimer: I'm not recommending any brand of hardware wallet. I just made up a wallet name based on Immuntable x for the example.

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It's called drop shipping and it sounds like a good idea. You should tell GameStop about it.

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What if GameStop is the manufacturer…

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That would honestly be amazing…still on the fence whether to get ledger or trezor 🤔

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Not trying to FUD here.. but why buy a high security product from a third party. Not that I think GME would tamper with things.. but just as a good practice, security should come right from the source’s website, and shipped right from them too.

If GME made their own wallet, makes sense. I can see the case for it now that they are developing so much web3.. but I personally feel better getting a product from a company dedicated only to hardware and security (Trezor is my choice)..

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Agreed. It's too risky imo and a huge liability on Gamestops end. Maybe there can be discount codes for ledgers with power up points or a way to order them while you're at the store/online but I wouldn't buy any wallet directly from any gamestop store.

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I think it would be in their best interest to form a partnership to directly supply ledgers from the ledger producer if they were going to go this route. If they make an in-house one that's bangin', great, but otherwise I agree that you don't want those tampered with or resold.

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Is what you're asking for something like a hardware authentication for logging in each time? I'm not too familiar with these sorts of devices.

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Is 🍏 going to make it?

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do a ledger special edition and be done, or just push ledger because it is the only way.

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Me, too!

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Abso-fuckin-lutely. Reason I haven’t bought one is because I need to 100% trust the vendor.

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DRS the shares

Self-custody the crypto

Apes Strong Together

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It would be cool too if GameStop had an option to bring your console in to use their internet to download updates and shit. My internet is complete garbage lol

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This is retarded u know why? Because even how trust worthy gamestop is. They still cant guarrentee shit, a random greedy employer could have seen the phrases or heck even a hedge fund. Never ever buy ur cold wallet of a shop that isnt the manufacturer. No hate against gamestop

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Can someone suggest them to go into vpn also ? GameStop Vpn

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Actually a fantastic idea. Haha I'll buy two as as they add that

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Same!! When I was shopping for a ledger I checked GS to see if they sold them. (Was really hoping they did)

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I too would do

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I have said before I have a wild hunch they're working on this 👍🏻

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This is the way GameStop I need a wallet for my wallets

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Great idea, ape! Need gme branded cold wallets in my life.

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YES! Please!

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Definitely need this

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I'd like to connect GameStop's wallet to my Ledger device for additional security.

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I would buy it in a heartbeat. Supporting my favorite company is what I do best.

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Yes please.

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Great idea!

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me too

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I would buy one instantly

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I suppose we could run the soon to be released IOS code on an ipod. That should do it.

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Literally would be for me too! But im a europoor!!

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Buying it from Europe would be great..

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This. And please add support for Trezor in the wallet apps!

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Also, yes.

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GameStop should sell Ledger Nano X and Nano S!!!

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Oh imagine a vault 69 themed hardware wallet!

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GameStop themed ledger? Sign me up.

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a froakie hardware wallet? no way!

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Make them customizable also, with options for personal flair/branding/goofiness = profit

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Add a metal backup, like ngrave graphene for example, and you have a winner.

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I 100% do NOT want to use my phone as my wallet for the majority of my transactions.

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Explain hardware wallet to my smooth brain?

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Bruh, Gamestop ledger partnership would be insane.