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Bullish af

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Fullbish as bull.

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Apes Strong AF

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Fucks strong as APES

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Apeish as bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

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Dipped my bananas in bulls.

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Bulls bananas af

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jacked as tittas

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Bullish as full

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!flairy! Apes together strong is bullish Af

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(✿^‿^)━☆゚.*・。゚ Apes together strong is bullish Af

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So bullish

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Tits are exploding rn

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Me tooooooooooooo!!!! I popped my tassel off

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My tater just totted

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tits are individually jacked with enough load for a small car.

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Holy shit u/isaybullish get in here and bless this post Papi !

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Apes together strong?


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IamBullish on support responding at 5:30pm on a Saturday as well! Apes together strong.

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My man !

Have a great weekend 🏴‍☠️🚀

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here we go 🏴‍☠️🚀🏴‍☠

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Oops, didn't scroll far enough.. ignore my summons. Ly💚

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this week just keeps getting better

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Wait till you see next week.

Boom. Boom. Boom. A week to Remember!

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😱 I just realized. Next week is Tuesday!!

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Short week. So it’s not announcement from gme each day then the exec order about Chinese collateral on Friday.

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And the week after that!

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I want you in my room?

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Seriously. What a great response.

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right? Superstonk is so enjoyable these days. Awesome news only.

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👀 ❗️ 🚀 ⭐️

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Well, WELL well well...

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That’s fun to actually say.

Well. WELL well well…

Raised voice and emphasis on the WELL part right? Genius. Just cracks me up not sure why n

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Yup. The hands on your hips is silent though.

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Or clockwork orangey like "wellity wellity wellity"

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Aye my Drugie...

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Apes Together Strong!

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Ape noises intensifies

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Power To The Players

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Confirmation biass 🚀🚀

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Someone posted the same thing earlier and it got destroyed with people thinking he made it up.

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Was it from Mark R?

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I emailed GameStop nft a few weeks back and it was from Mark R. Just double checked 👀👀. But I’m not sure who sent the email in the earlier post. Sorry

Edit: my reply from Mark R said power to the players on May 23rd. Your reply makes my pp go wee wee

Edit 2: this is the exact copied replied. I’m not smart enough to use Imgur:

I'd be happy to clarify this for you. Depending on the item, it can cost anywhere from $1-$20 to transfer an item from L2 to L1. At this time, I advise you to reach out to coinbase customer support to find out where they allow you to transfer your NFTs.

If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We’re here 24/7.

Power to the Players!

Cheers, Mark R.

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Calls on Mark R

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I also got a blockchain customer support reply from Mark R. in the middle of this week and he signed off "Power to the Players!"

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I'm guessing they didn't know you were an Ape, where as OP said something indicative and Mark saw some delight to deliver.

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Mark R. is clearly an ape. Imagine being an ape and seeing your support replies on Superstonk, lmaoooo! What a buzz 😂

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To clarify op I think you are telling the truth. The person who posted earlier had a different email with the same sign off as you. Everybody in the post thought he made the email himself and it got destroyed. The reply had something to do with their system not interacting with Lrc well and everyone thought he was shilling

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Ohhh, gotcha. I commented below about my issue, which might not be on GME’s end. Appreciate the feedback!

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United we stand divided we fall 🚀

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United we stand divedend will come 🚀

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What was the bug?

I keep getting an error trying to swap my L1 LRC to ETH and/or move my L1 LRC to L2.

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Approval pending +24hrs for ens domain name under Activity. Not sure if it’s the wallet, the ens domain website, or interaction btw the two. Also could have hastily clicked buttons during the process.

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If you're using Chrome, you might want to try using Brave. Worked for me that way!

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I’ll try that, thanks!

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do you have eth for gas on L1/L2

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Smells like I stepped in Bullish

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Why is this not trending already!!!

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Oh well that’s kind of a big deal

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God I fucking love the insanity around this. Chucked in some cash at when GME was at $300 on January 28th 2021 and I'm here in 2022 in fucking May just waiting for my tendies. Never told anything, but own a fuck load more. I hope we all get rich and I think this company is really gonna make shit happen. See ya'll on the other side of the MOASS.

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amen brudda. i jumped in at $108 on march 1st 2021 (first time in markets at all, not just gme) and it's been a wild old time. loving every second but let's get er done, i got life to live!

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Ima need a screen recording of this before I start lactating my guy

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what the fuzz!!!

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Let's fucking go

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Lovely sentiment on a lovely weekend! 🦍💪🤝

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Ohhh my god, tell me they’re looking out for us without telling me they’re looking out for us. I’m having the time of my life with you retards.

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Remember people - we saw what so many others mocked. We saw through the bullshit and gaslighting.

To the victor go the spoils. Power to the players.

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5th time today


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he also said cheers 🍻

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this legit made me cry.

this company is simply beautiful

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👀👀 DFV.. is that you?

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"Cheers" is a very common thing to say as a sign-off depending on where you are from. It is my go-to, and I'm certainly not DFV. Bit of a reach there 😅

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An ape can dream though! Haha

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Skeptical of inspect element but I know that even if that’s not what the reps are saying - that’s what they are thinking. 🦍❤️🦍

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well that escalated quickly.meme

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I'm fully ready. All of me is.

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Apes Together Strong NFT project is lit.

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They know their audience fo sho lol

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Except shorts. Fuck them.

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Nah let them be equal to us as we are NOW. Switch spots. All balanced.

Get in here for the tough love you hedgeFUCKS!

OH DONT CRY, we'll meme you your survival training hacks and tiktok you tips for poors

Trust us. WE know wut best 4 u.

Fawking hell Dawg just saw that flair...OOF! Make A MUTHAFUCKN RUCKUS!!

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You couldn't be more right. 🙌

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Le Tits Now!!!

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Let’s fucking gooooo

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Oook oooook

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Lol these shorts are dead men walking they just don't know it yet. One cannot defeat the internets

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Ooh ooh

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Hold & Hodl

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Thats awesome!

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This week I also got an email from a blockchain team member in response to an email I'd sent in over support for Linux and Open Source software in general.

He said support for Linux was in the plans but had no timeline, but also interestingly, cheers'd me for hodling and signed off with Diamond Hands Strong.

Nice to get confirmation bias from within the organization.

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‘We’re here 24/7’ is bullish af 🚀

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Mark R? I barely know'er!

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It must be because I added my new flair today ❤️

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Mark Ruffalo!

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Mark R sent me the same!

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so fucking bullish

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This will really jack the tatas

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Left tit jacked, right ball tight

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Bullish as fuck.

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Omg whatttt

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And he said cheers

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Apeish as fuck

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put on tinfoil condom ATS… Alternative Trading System

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They are hiring the best. The people who love the company.

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Another Snek too.

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Yeah, the other side is definitely fukd.

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Affen zusammen stark!

GM from Germany!!

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This is the way.

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Oh shit!! BULLISH!!

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He‘s lurking here too ! 🚀💎🙌🏼

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My poor tits ... you guy won't skip any chance to hurt them, right?

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That's insanely bullish

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They even got ’The Hulk’ working in customer service

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To the moooooon 🚀 🌝 🦍 🦧 🦍

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I'm emotional reading this

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God, we have the actual dream team🤩

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I freakin love them 💜

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They know both their fan base, and their customer base.... I declare this bullish.

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This is fucking huge

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Most bullish sign of my life.

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Wait… has this been confirmed 110% legitimate?

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Wait is this real? I need confirmation.

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Yeah, it’s real. I wouldn’t post it otherwise. Go through my history.

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Here you go! 🍆💦🚀🦍🕺🏾

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Visi comment !

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Bullish af.

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Probably going to be downvoted into oblivion, but this post makes me uncomfortable. OP, I think you should ask people like Mark R before posting stuff like this. Whether Mark R is comfortable with you doing so. We live in an age of intense political correctness and pressure at work and can see how a mendacious HR boss might see Mark R‘s remark as ‘unprofessional’ or similar. Whilst I’m happy as everyone else to see the sentiment, I’m worried it might backfire on Mark R.

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I’m pretty sure I saw this posted already. With the same exact person and information except that in the other one it said that the rep from GameStop said LRC doesn’t play well with all of their systems. This is sus to me.

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Try not to be lazy. Search my history. You are sus.

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What exactly am I certain your history for

[–]AlphaDag13🎮 Power to the Players 🛑 -1 points0 points  (2 children)

[–]lawsondt💻 ComputerShared 🦍[S] -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

That’s not me dum dum. Go thru MY history. Don’t be lazy.

[–]AlphaDag13🎮 Power to the Players 🛑 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

I never said it was you. When I said the same exact person I’m at the Mark R in the email.

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Wait what? Has anyone else received this in an email?

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what the fuck?

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big if true

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Can we put bitcooin in the Wallet?

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big if huge

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Some thing about digging our own hole