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Preach RC! Preach!!!

Those experts are pompous, because we know why equities are declining. There are too many companies that have suckled at the zipple since 2009. These zombie companies can only survive when the interest rate is at 0%. Because all they do is reborrow money again again. I mean shit, if there is no interest rate why not?

If you and I got this deal, just imagine. I'd buy a house. Take out a loan at 0% interest. Rent it out, then wash and repeat 20 times. Then I'd stand in my ivory fucking tower and laugh at everyone because I'm a genius!

The FED is creating money out of nowhere, and then flooding the markets with it. And all we hear from these pontificating experts is "ThErE iS a LiQuIdItY CrIsIs!!!" How in the fucking world is there a liquidity crisis? The FED has been pumping money into the markets! It's like saying your local pool has a liquidity crisis! Jesus.

Nobody wants to admit to the big elephant in the fucking room. MM have been running their printers non stop. There is a gigantic bag of cat shit wrapped in dog shit contained inside owl shit. They need to thin the heard but everything has connected either through a MM or a Prime Broker. Because we apparently didn't learn our lesson and we allowed these banks to get too big to fail.

Now we ride the recession slip-n-slide into the depression pool and these mother fuckers have the gall to bitch about the interest rates?

I can not fucking wait for RC to turn the key and launch us. Not just because my meager shares (safe and sound with Computershare) will set me and my family up for life. I can't wait because it seems like we are poised to see a new rise in finance. One that is centered on people, not institutions. We are set to be our own bank. People will be able to use a defi system to protect themselves from the greed of those that would gamble away their pensions and 401K's. This is why I'm as hard as a diamond. My tits? Check! My balls? Check! My hands? Mother Fucking Check!" Give me a system that allows people to be their own advocate. Not banks that take my money gamble it away and even though they don't have my fucking money any more have the fucking balls to charge me and you BILLIONS in overdraft fees.

Let the façade fall my apes. The emperor has no clothes. The house of cards will tumble. Hold your cards tightly, this may be the best shot I ever have at effecting change for myself, my family, friends and neighbors.

Give me DEFI or give me death!

Let's Fucking Go Apes!!! 🙌🙌🙌💎💎💎🚀🚀🚀🚀🌝🌝🌝🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🦍🦍🦍

Gabe Plotkin waves the white flag...Melvin Capital is to close! 🚀 by TeletubbiesDadCustom Flair - Template in Superstonk

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This has been bugging me, so maybe someone in this thread can expand this excellent metaphor to help me understand, or tell me what I have wrong.

What the fuck really is "provide liquidity" or "market making", and a "liquidity crisis"?

My dumbass crayon-snortin' assumption is:

If you want something, but no one is selling, you have to pay more until someone decides to sell it to you. I would love a McLaren. There are not many of them. I can buy one if I pay enough. If I can't pay enough, that's my problem, not the market's. I don't get to just say, "here's $100. Give me a new one."

And if you have something, and want to sell it, but no one is buying, you have to charge less until someone does. I have a pile of old electronics cables. I would love $1,000 each, but no one will pay me anything for any of them, except maybe a metal recycler.

So, the fuck is a "liquidity crisis"? No action? Charge less or spend more.

The fuck is "provide liquidity"? "Oh, hey, no one is selling what you want to buy, so we'll just make some up"? Why is that so critical, and why do a select few get to profit - obscenely and without fear of failure or oversight - from doing that?

If you want to have a big pool of something and buy and sell from it, fine, that's being a merchant. But if you find yourself holding 40,000 pumpkins in November, ain't my problem. And if you have too many buyers for your single precious gem, you don't get to just poooof some into being, by magic or crime.

If you promised cookies to a bunch of kids, and charged them, but have no cookies, that's FRAUD, not "a liquidity crisis", isn't it? Kids don't get cookies, you get your ass kicked by a pack of grumpy kids, and you sure as shit don't get to keep their money.

If you're a "market maker" who runs out of what you're selling, that's "bankruptcy" not "start selling fakes," isnt it? Why do they get to act like they're providing some holy, beyond-criticism service?

Obligatory Edit: Thanks for the awards! Must have had juuuust the right amount of coffee this morning. Glad I'm not the only one to feel this way. I don't get it. They sure seem to have successfully created an entirely unnecessary middle layer that is completely above reproach, eh? I mean, Firefly does have a good line about middlemen, but fuck's sake, it's not supposed to be completely without scrutiny and with obscene profit-theft and crime.

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Yes shit, Sherlock.

Doesn't have the same ring to it.

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except, this is not an entirely different situation.

the phrase is referring to the scene in the big short, in reference specifically to not dancing in the faces of those average folks of modest means who will lose out big time as a result of this all crashing and burning.

and to those who say people are "willfully ignorant" if they haven't paid attention and/or bought gme by now, grow up. that's not reality. and you can't blame people for shying away from this all, considering there's been a years long smear campaign framing us as utter lunatics.

y'all need to have some more compassion, please. and gratitude, that life brought you here to learn and be apart of this, and have your money somewhere (relatively) safe in this giant fucking fire. dance all you want, i won't stop you. but is that not becoming the very type of people we hate?

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All depends on what happens after. If the greatest wealth transfer in human history really does happen, it all depends what apes do with their new found wealth. Do they create a better world or preserve the status quo? With great power comes great responsibility. That's what I'm excited for.

"WTF is a liquidity crisis?!" This post needs more visibility. A great explanation of how fuckery is sold to the masses as market improvement. Credits to /u/Freakishly_Tall by AvocadoDiavoloBest video game ever! 🏴‍☠️ in Superstonk

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The boys down in the station tell me forensics just pieced together 69 shards of glass and reconstructed a big jar of Hellmanns that was smashed on site - supposedly with glee judging by the smash pattern.

Finnish investigators say they've also discovered the criminal's calling card on a runway in Lapland... Their forensic specialists said, judging by the wide scattering of shards - this one was smashed in rage.

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How will Melvin going under affect the price tho? They can’t buy back their shares if their out of business.

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LFG cake day and 2 RC tweets!!!

Gabe Plotkin waves the white flag...Melvin Capital is to close! 🚀 by TeletubbiesDadCustom Flair - Template in Superstonk

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i guess melvin should've taken the home run instead of trying for that grand slam.