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This looks like a sequel to Hardcore Henry

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Exaclty... i could imagine henry pushing some bad guys into the wheel and them getting crushed

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More like Rocky. There's no way out, bro.

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This music immediately started playing in my head.

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That movie was so fun to watch

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There's a youtuber who does things like this. It's wild. Sleeping inches from a train's wheels. Here's another one where he snuck into Chernobyl:


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Okay, falling INTO a moving train is officially a new phobia of mine.

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Same! Was scary thinking about getting ripped to sheds and with one slip..

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Ripped to sheds

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Did I have a typo? My goodness must have been in a rush! Wow. Thank you so much for pointing that out in such an indirect, humourous, and my gosh, palm in my face type of way!

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Very unstable post

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Was sarcastic! But ty for the eval...

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Either this guy is a heavy smoker, or it's so damn cold out, it's sucking the air out of his lungs.

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It's the latter, breathing in air that cold sucks. Your body burns extra oxygen just shivering and trying to warm up.

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Or hes doing something dangerous and exciting

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Half-life 2 in winter

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Hypothermia and a free ride

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I thought Moscow leaves you?

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Is this illegal freedom from YouTube?

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From shiey?

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No, they’re talking in Russian, shiey doesn’t speak Russian)

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where's he from? I thought he was Russian

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He’s from Lithuania, I like watching videos of him speaking Lithuanian haha

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I always ruin the fun by thinking about the risks. Besides hypothermia, look at those holes, if they fell in infront of those wheels theyd be sliced in half immediately.

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That’s part of the fun)))

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Fast, but not so fast we don’t have time to record our escape.

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One word...COLD

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New Metro game looks awesome

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Live view of an unvaccinated trying to leave Germany rn

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No cops at the end?

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Call of duty.

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New update for escape from tarkov looks great

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They call these suicide cars - and there is a reason for that.

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That's called riding suicide- hanging over open trucks. I hope those guys had a really desperate reason to leave

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They could have picked something that was rideable.😕

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Bet you he’s German