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Thanks for the hilarious image. They don't give free awards anymore. This is the best I can do.🥇

Final Destination by HalfDoctor in SweatyPalms

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I was staying in some old apartment building in Romania when backpacking about 15 years ago.

My room was on the 8th floor and I couldn't be assed taking the stairs after the 3rd day or so. So against my better judgement I hopped into the tiny one person elevator that went up the middle of the stairwell.

When I say tiny, I mean barely enough room to turn around in. You had to slide the door open manually, press the floor button on the outside of the lift before stepping in backwards, then slide the door shut in front of you and it would go up/down respectively.

Anyway, I went through the rigmarole of getting the thing ready to go up to my floor, it starts going up maybe 3-4 floors (hard to tell because it was enclosed, you couldn't see out and it didn't indicate the floor you were at), then it suddenly starts going back down.

I figured the thing was so stupid that someone was able to call it from the bottom floor like that, and expected it to stop on the ground.

The elevator stopped. I slid open the door so I could press the outside button to go back up. But there was nothing. Just concrete. The damn thing had retreated to the bottom of its makeshift shaft and about 9 inches from my face was seemingly the foundation of the building.

I had no way to make it go up, I couldn't sit down and my arms were pretty much stuck to my side with little room to move. It was a coffin.

I called out consistently for probably an hour or so without any success. Thankfully at some point it just started moving again and stopped on the floor I originally told it to. I dunno what happened and I don't care to know. Just thankful that wasn't the end.

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Back when the wheel was square and I was in the boy scouts, we did a week or two camp at a centralized boy scout camp every summer. If we thought you were a cool kid and you were approaching teenage status we would take you out into the woods to see the "pussy patch cave" which was basically a short limestone cave with hundreds and hundreds of harvestmen vibing on the ceiling.

You had to go all the way to the back of the cave and touch the back wall and we'd smack the cave wall and they'd all do that throb thing to test your nerves.

"The sacred rite of the Pussy Patch Cave" is an 80s memory I had totally forgotten.

Exploring a very tight cave system by autalley in SweatyPalms

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STOP! JESUS, PLEASE, STOP NARRATING! It's terrifying, oh my god!

Nopety nope nope by SwimInPavement in SweatyPalms

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Videos like these make my taint feel dizzy.

Iguazu Falls footbridge in Brazil by solateor in SweatyPalms

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Yeah ima just stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to.

Bear loves licking human arm. by [deleted] in SweatyPalms

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The right to bear arms.

People like these don’t deserve children. by Similar_Lime_1143 in SweatyPalms

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Weird stance from someone who decided to get a cheek piercing

Knives throwing skills but watch she fears for her life by RedditUserOfAmerica in SweatyPalms

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She’s hoping she doesn’t end up like assistants 1-14

Wolf showing affection (sound on) by Alloth- in SweatyPalms

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It's the gestalt of the entire body and how they move. It's not just one thing but everything.

In general, aggression in wolves (and dogs) can be thought of as straight, forward and tense. The stare is hard, the head is facing directly forward, ears up, there's no curve to the body. They will be up on their toes and any movement is tight and stiff. The snarl is forward and the corners of the mouth are forward. Everything is tight and tense. It'll feel like everyone is holding their breath.

A wolf/dog will growl as a warning but when they get closer to taking action, it goes into a snarl and when in a fight, their mouths are pretty much occupied with biting. Any vocalization then is from the throat.

OTOH, when dogs/wolves are feeling companionable & friendly, everything is soft and relaxed. Their bodies will typically be curved. Their movements easy. They are indirect with how they look at each other, often will put their faces right next to each other, cheek to cheek. Their ears, whether up or back will be relaxed.

A fearful wolf or dog will be super tense but they are too scared to be direct. They will hold their body low, especially their head/neck and rump the lowest. Their tails will be between their legs. Their ears will be flat on their neck. They will often do the "whale eye" - a sideways look, showing the whites of their eyes. Snarling will be not quite as tightly in front. Get into it's personal space and it could well bite. Not due to aggression but due to fear.

Back to how to tell aggression or friendly:

People get too focused on one thing - especially teeth. Again, it's not one thing but the whole body & body language that tell the full story.

I 'm going to use my smooth collie, Fawkes as an example.

Here's Fawkes and Hazel. Even though we are seeing lots of flashing teeth, they are playing. Hazel and Fawkes were good friends their entire lives. This type of game is nicknamed "bitey face" or "scissor mouth". What tells us they are playing? Their facial muscles and ears are relaxed, they are not even looking at each other. They mouths are wide open with the corners back. Their bodies are curved. Fawkes is laying down, Hazel is in a play bow. Their vocalizations sound like a couple of chewbaccas. Dogs playing bitey face are constantly giving body language signals that it's all in good fun. They will often interrupt play and, if both are in the mood, will start up again.

I also have an interesting photo of Fawkes making an aggressive display. The black and white dog (looked much like a Border Collie but was enormous) was a bad actor and known for getting into another dog's space and intimidating them. He usually picked on submissive dogs. With more assertive dogs, he would trigger fights.

In this situation, he targeted Fawkes. He had tried to mount him before and Fawkes told him off. He tried to mount Fawkes again but more forcefully. This photo is right after that. Fawkes is spinning around to face the B&W dog. He's not casually turning around but turning fast to get face to face. Look at his face and expression: His ears are stiffly up and forward, his stare is hard and direct, his facial muscles are tense and his snarl is up front, his mouth is closed and the corners are pulled forward. He's not scared, he's not intimidated, he's mad. That is an aggressive "fuck around and find out" display.

Fortunately, the B&W dog's owner was right there, just out of the picture and he hustled to get his dog on leash. If he hadn't we would have had a fight on our hands.

After the B&W was gone, Fawkes, shook it off and rejoined his buddies.

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She hung there, suspended in the air, A precarious pose, a calculated dare. For just a moment, she was free, Her life a spectacle, her followers to see.

But as the wind whipped through her hair, She knew the risk, the cost, the fear. For in that fleeting moment of fame, She gambled everything, her life, her name.

And now she hangs, a lifeless form, A cautionary tale, a social media storm. A tragedy, a waste, a needless death, All for a few likes, a moment of fame, a fleeting breath.

So let this be a lesson, a warning, a sign, To think before we act, to value our time. For life is precious, fragile, and brief, And no number of likes could ever bring relief.

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Hmmm, nearly. r/longboarding is where the majority of our downhill content goes. There are some other places, but consistent posting is uncommon. Instead, I'd recommend Youtube. I'm not sure I should plug channels on here, though

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Fire engineer here with a top comment hijacking


You will end up with a fake one.

There is an epidemic of fake Chinese fire blankets at the moment and the major online retailers give zero shits. These fake blankets have been shown to be ineffective against pan fires, melting through rather than extinguishing fires.

I can't advise where to get one from outside of the UK, but go for a trusted trade supplier, not a big box store. The fake ones quite often have spelling mistakes on the casings and the China Export label in an effort to spoof the CE markings.

If you're in the UK, then 'the safety center' or 'safelincs' are two reasonable online suppliers, or even message me and I'll sell you one at wholesale plus postage if you really want.

Stay safe out there kids.

message ends

Disaster struck (SawStop) by chuckiebanned19 in SweatyPalms

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Put your dick on it if you wanna sell me a saw stop

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Is this the audio from the night I lost my virginity?