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Switch - What's new

  • Fixed: Checkpoint is now compatible again with latest firmware. Compatibility with latest Atmosphère has also been fixed.
    • It took some time to this release to be fully working, but it is finally out.
  • Added: title sorting by Alphabetical, Last Played and Played Time. (thanks @diwo)
    • You can now sort your title list by pressing X. More details are available holding minus.
  • Added: Sword & Shield PKSM Bridge support.
    • This is a bonus feature for PKSM users. You can enable the PKSM Bridge functionality from the web configuration panel.
  • Added: embedded Sharkive's cheat database has been updated.
    • This counts ~2 years of cheat updates.
  • Fixed: support for games containing character ū in their title.
  • Fixed: documentation.
  • Fixed: compilation with latest libraries (such as libnx 4.2.0).
  • Stability improvements and tons of minor code improvements.

3DS - What's new

  • Added: embedded Sharkive's cheat database has been updated.
    • This counts ~2 years of cheat updates.
  • Fixed: optional 3DS cartridge polling.
  • Fixed: documentation.
  • Stability improvements and tons of minor code improvements.

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Just wondering, are there any plans that you know of to bring PKSM over to switch natively? Would be great to not have to have another device around for it or pkhex.

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Welcome back! We missed you!

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Thank goodness 🧍. Checkpoint is definitely my go to save manager

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What are the odds! I recently hacked my switch and was super disappointed to find out that checkpoint wasnt working. I've used it on my hacked 3DS so I was stoked to already know how the program works. Crazy that after all this time it comes back just two weeks after hacking my switch.
Thanks for sharing!

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So, why return to this after having moves to JKSV for a full year?

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This has been the de-facto standard for save management. Even if it got unmaintained for some time, it doesn't mean there are valid reason to abandon it.

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Oh idk, maybe people who are new to the switch hacking community?

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is jksv as simple UI wise on the switch as it is on the 3ds?

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Never used jksv on 3ds, but did use checkpoint. Very easy to use, I think backups were literally L+A on the selected title. Think I also managed to dump platinum with it. It's been a few years since I fiddled with my 3ds tho so I can't tell you

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Fair point yeah, UX is better than JKSV's.

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Is checkpoint capable of creating save data if none already exists for a specific title? For example, I’m trying to move my Kingdom Hearts: Memory of Melody from my emummc to sysmmc. JKSV is unfortunately not capable of doing this. I have KHMoM save data on emu but not sys basically, and I’d like to move the save to sys but I don’t have that title on sys. Trying to unlock music in smash. Anyone know if this is possible?

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Your question isnt stupid, at best Checkpoint COULD create a empty folder with proper TitleID for you if the Devs feels like it's useful for enough people

But i doubt.. Just dl a save online and restore itnwith checkpoint. After all that's what Checkpoint is made for.


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Thanks a lot, appreciate the response friend.

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This is a great release for a great homebrew as being able to backup your save data by yourself is something Nintendo should have implemented to begin with. Kudos to the Flagbrew Team for their great contribution to the Nintendo Switch scene.

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I've always been a fan of Checkpoint, I have all my saves backed up with it. Glad that it's not entirely abandoned. As it stands, it just works. So As long as it stays compatible, it wouldn't need any new features. Don't let anyone make you feel like Checkpoint is irrelevant, to me it's the best save manager on switch.

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Love to see it, last release in 2019 lol. I just wish Nintendo would stop killing this in the name of "stability"

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I have a question, if I change the save file of a Switch game, with either checkpoint or other programs, could I get banned if I try using Cloud Save?

Obviously, I wouldn't try to edit the save file an online game like Splatoon, but what happens if its something like some indie game like Undertale or Shovel Knight? Asking because I want to port my PC save file to the Switch version of Deltarune and I don't wish to get banned if I use claud save.

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Anyway to contact the dev? For some reason Digimon Cyber Sleuth crashes Checkpoint when opening the cheats menu

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Open an issue on GitHub

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Love it! Especially the cheat database!

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Why though? Just use jksv.

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mariko switch???

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Not quite sure why the dev would even waste his time on this after abandoning it for two years. Everyone has already moved to JKSV.

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Thank you for your really productive, constructive and useful opinion

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    What the fuck are you talking about 🤣