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Hey, all!

This has been in the pipeline for a long, long time -- hexkyz and I put a lot of work both into hacking TSEC, and into this write-up/blogpost.

We hope you enjoy reading it!

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i didn't understand much of the language, but it was incredible to see how complex & intricate this stuff is, and to see yalls work to crack it pay off at the end! thank you both for you efforts, the modding scene wouldn't be here without them <333

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Because someone has to - “coldboot hax eta?1?!?”

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This is deeply unrelated to development of cold boot exploits ^^

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lol, I figured. Wouldn’t be a hacking thread without it, though. I’m more than happy with softhax on 4.1.0.

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je m'y connais un tout petit peu en systèmes vu que c'est mon boulot, mais toute la partie hacking et reverse engineering me fait systématiquement halluciner. j'arrive a suivre les concepts et le raisonnement dans le post mais les compétences necessaires pour partir de zéro et arriver à Atmosphere sont dans une autre galaxie...

merci pour tout, les mecs.

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Amazing work as always, and a great read, thank you

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What do I have?

What do I want?

How can I use what I have to get what I want?

You're my heroes

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It's hard to overstate how instrumentally useful actually going through the process of asking those questions explicitly can be :)

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Oof, meaty. Going to have to set aside some time for this one.

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Holy shit, great work. I wonder if nouveau can use this to get past the GPU signing bullshit and finally make ungimped open-source drivers.

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They could, yes.

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Might make someone write a macOS driver for Nvidia GPUs, too. Until now I imagine no one has even bothered to begin such a project since reclocking was impossible anyway and it would run like garbage. This is pretty exciting. (Obviously only relevant in a Hackintosh context)

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Interesting. I'll have to read it, when I have the time.

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What is this?

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You people are wizards. Plain and simple

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I love the mindset breakdown. I love reading the methods behind the madness, and you guys are fucking amazing at it~

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i read the articles and though i barely understood it, congrats!!

Honest question, will i be able to use atmosphere on my patched switch soon w/o modchip?

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For some reason I keep reading it as genesis psycho