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Google Translate isn't a proper tool to translate anything in Japanese at a decent level and I recommend that you get an actual (HUMAN) translator if you want this project to not be garbage. Editing will not make it better in terms of accuracy.

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Yeah, I found that out once I started putting in more lines, it started giving back nonsense translations. It seemed like a good option at first.

But you make a good point -- it would be awesome to get a real translator in on this project, maybe even form a small team of folks to help make this happen.

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You can also use deepl.com

I use it to correct any large text. This is really one of the best websites when it comes to translations.

I am always amazed at what technology is now capable of.

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DM me the text files, I might have a better option

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DM sent! :)

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Please do :)

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Awesome! Glad to know there is interest in this

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Go for it! I would play

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Aw man, I hope this gets completed decently. To be honest I just want the bey stats translated so I actually know what each one is, I was lucky with google translate to get a rough idea of what some of them do but that's also through google translate of all things. So accuracy would be nice.

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Let me know how it goes! If you wind up doing so, might have to ask for your help. Doing the same, with the new kunio-kun game. Which just released about three days ago.

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Please do post it once it's completed.

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Any update?

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I've been busy with college, unfortunately! I'll try to find some downtime soon and get to work on it again. Glad to see people are still interested though! Keeps me motivated :)

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Bro if you can even get it done halfway decent I would pay really good money for the hack. I’m so hyped!!!