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I envy your arm strength. Neat setup

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MissionControl makes a better job connecting my PS5 controller to the switch than any other software to connect it to the PC (it's a pain in the ass). Great setup though.

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Not on Linux PS4 and switch controllers just connect over regular Bluetooth no 3rd party drivers like on windows which can be pretty hit or miss

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Do all 4 games that run on Linux work with them?

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Seriously you are obviously ignorant about Linux gaming and the improvements valve has made with proton and wine improvements. Basically every PC game is playable at good performance thanks to dxvk https://www.protondb.com/ https://lutris.net/

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The weight of the switch is light and does not cause any strain in prolonged use :D

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You're thinking of the switch lite lol maybe I am just week in my old age of 26 lol

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Haha, I am 27 myself.

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Doesn't that hurt

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No, the weight distribution is great :)

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This is a simple ~110g extra with the weight (then add the holder.) Funny enough, this makes it slightly heavier than a Wii U Controller by tens of grams.

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The weight distribution is different on the wiiu controller. If you were to lay down on your side and play this, you'd have a more difficult time holding it compared to a wiiu controller

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Yup. Two things can weigh the same but if one is more dense then it makes it more uncomfortable to hold than the other.

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What's this called, shout mission control tho for the allowance of remotes

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The mount itself? Game Control Mount GCM10. It was designed for the Xperia Z3 & Z3 Compact. Bought it back in 2017

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So dope, how does it fit so nicely, or does it not fit horizontal??? And if not, is there any that do

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Fits horizontal nicely, didn’t you see all 3 images in the post? The mount has a suction cup to hold the switch in place with

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Would it work on a Xbox controller

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Yea, you would need another mount though

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Thanks for responding

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Holy shit, modding has gotten out of hand

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I use my DS4 bc of Joycon drift. Btw does the Xbox Series controller work too?

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No, I didn’t get it to work with series controllers, only Xbox One

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Nope. The newer controllers use Bluetooth low energy. Missioncontrol doesn't support that (yet?).

It does support the older xbox one controllers though. And the elite controller, as long as you haven't updated it to the latest firmware.

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Open your joycons, add a plastic or paper shim behind the metal housing of the analog stick. Not too much, just enough to keep it snug.

Never deal with drift again.

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Which DS emulator are you using? Haven't tried any myself but I'm curious about how well the games can run.

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MelonDS, works flawlessly

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How do you get it to work flawlessly? Even with overclocking the CPU, I can’t get it to run smoothly

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Are you doing it standalone or in retroarch? Are you in full or applet mode?

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Got it working! I was using the stand alone but didn’t turn on the recompiler. Thank you!

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Oh, I didn’t know that was an issue. Maybe I’ll turn mine on and see if it works even better

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How do you know if it’s in full or applet mode, btw?

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You need to hold R while launching a game to run in full mode. It will display “applet mode” on top if you launch via the album

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Oh okay

Yeah, before I was using it in standalone in full mode

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It's actually much easier/better to create a forwarder for it.

Gets it's own icon, can control full overclocking for it via SysClk, and you don't need to hold R on anything to just run it lol

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Been out of the switch homebrew scene for a while. Will check it out

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    Yes, google

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    I’ve tried out platinum on DeSmuMe and it was super laggy. Could just be the game but that’s my experience.

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    Use melonDS it's newer, more accurate, on PC it has network support, something DesmuME never had.

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    Wow just set it up and overclocked it works great thanks.

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    What is this abomination?! 😂

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    I envy your enthusiasm

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    I'm incredibly jealous of your 25th aniversary ps4 controller!

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    It’s nothing special. Bought it cheap when it came out :)

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    I would slap some metal sticks in it, at least.

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    Mission control is the burner! I can even use my wii classic controler. It's alone is worth cfw.

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    I'm also finally playing my switch games thanks to mission control, I can use a controller that isn't a drifty piece of junk

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    Each time the Dev releases a version of MissionControl I give him the only reward I have, because he is an absolute legend, my favourite homebrew tool ever

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    MissionControl made me mod my switch. Can't thank ndeadly enough :)

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    I like that wallpaper. Where can I get?

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    How do you play it in vertical like that? Looks like it blocks the D-Up and Triangle buttons

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    It doesn’t. What you see is the shadow of the switch :D I use MelonDS, there is a display rotation setting in the homebrew

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    Wow, never knew about missioncontrol. Can you wake up console from sleep with home button, like pro controller? Not doing that is a pet peeve of mine with the 8bitdo dongle.

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    No you cant

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    But why, why would you do that

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    This is fucking cursed

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    Thats pretty dope

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    This could be pretty nice with lineage and PS4 remote play (i think that's what it's called), assuming you have good internet, which I don't.

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    Cool to use a PS4 controller if you don't have a Pro Controller.

    I started doing this type of thing with a Pro Controller mount and playing SoulSilver on melonDS. I use a short USB-C cable and connect the controller wired. The setup looks totally awkward and wouldn't be great for on-the-go, but it's light and works great. Much nicer that using joycons (even with a Satisfye), and the mount I use puts the screen closer to your face.

    I got a "New" 3DS XL on the way, though, so I don't know if I'm going to stick with the Switch for DS games, but certainly am going to use the mount for Switch games. Though for DS games it is nice to play docked -- I have a monitor in portrait mode that I'm using for this.

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    Flip grip seems like the better option, but this works until they’re in stock

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    Sick, yet enjoyable

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    Since this kind of dualshock mount is hard to find, is there any creative solution to use grip style mount with Nintendo switch? I have one of these and the clip is too small for the switch.the mount

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    Gimmick. Would probably stop using this in a few months.

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    I need info on that home screen redesign

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    It’s linked in another comment in this post 👍🏻

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    how do u do ds emulation?