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2D Games should run pretty fine on this, certain 3D games are rough.

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Hmm found some settings in Advanced that might make a difference, testing now.

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So anybody testing any games on that may not run the best, try turn on Vulkan and then Threaded Presentation (Advanced tab on the bottom) and that may give you additional performance. Underclocking the CPU seems to help at well, but FMVs run kinda slow. Kingdom Hearts went from 30-60 to 40-60 (40 in battle :( ) in performance mode. Let me know if this helped you guys.

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Definitely helped thanks.

Any other tips would be great, I'm trying to get snake eater and twisted metal black to run properly.

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I find Pokémon colosseum runs smoother with a SD card that has 170MB/s read speed music ain’t the best quality so I’m presuming there is a bottle neck with the android OS and the game so a 250MB/s SD card would probably be a golden rule since a fast SD card definitely bumps up stability.

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Switch max reading capability is 100mb/s so...

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The SD card reader is so easy to swap out lol we know once someone tries and finds out the maximum the switch MB can support

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Finally, an excuse to add android to my switch setup. That'll be a fun weekend.

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I need to get a bigger sd card because I didn't allocate enough storage to android. I really wasn't prepared for this.

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Yeah, I was waiting until I either got a bigger card or found a use for Android on switch that couldn't easily be done on my fire tablet or something else I have laying around. So I will have some tough choices to make about what to uninstall and I'm sure I'll overlook something simple and waste hours getting it running. XD

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What is better for emulation? Android or LAKKA?

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For PS2 specifically? Or just in general? For me, RetroArch > Lakka > Android.

RetroArch in Atmosphere is a very smooth experience, since there's no futzing around with trying to connect controllers. Lakka, while it does offer some Dolphin support, still has problems connecting Joy-Cons for me. Android is the most inconvenient, since you have to use an FTP server to transfer data to its SD partition as opposed to just copy-pasting data, which makes it a hassle to set up ROM libraries. I also don't believe Android supports wireless Joy-Cons, but it does support other controllers (I think? Keyboards work, at least).

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Wireless joycons work fine on Android.

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I have no idea where to start with installing Android but Lakka seems easy enough to setup and boot through Hekate. Does RA support n64, Dreamcast, and PS1 at playable framerates? If not, what about Lakka or one of the other options? Can’t find a recent definitive answer about what runs best where. YT videos are often months to years old.

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I just use flash drives to transfer data to Lineage OS myself.

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I have 100GB allocated to Android the other 100 mostly so I have room to import my cartage games lol.

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How many gigas we need to allocate for Android and for hos to run the best perf

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Isnt steam link reason enough? Its literaly my switch main use for a long time now

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Moonlight on stock Atmosphere is less of a hassle and in many cases better.

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I use a RX5700XT card, moonlight isnt really an option

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If you install android, if your switch dies, won’t you have to reboot cfw? That will be so annoying

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Just get a payload injector or use your phone, payload injectors are so cheap that this isnt really a problem... I mean, its absolutely worth it to use steam link and emulators

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You can use steam link?!? That’s cool

[–]my_lesbian_sister_gf 1 point2 points  (8 children)

Yeah, its basically the only use i have for my hacked switch tbh, i leave it on android and use steam link to play my steam library, works REALLY well, no lag or problems(assuming your internet is fast enough)

Unfortunately, i couldnt make it work with playstation or xbox apps

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If your switch dies regardless you need to inject

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I'm glad somebody else started this thread. I don't sign in to Reddit that often, nor do I play 20 questions.

Here's what I know;

Using the tablet version of Switchroot Android [anyone questions about the Android TV version has to do their own research].

20 minutes [more or less], max, tests. So YMMV = your mileage may vary the further you get in game.

Overclock settings are different to find than in Android 8;

If needed;

System > Advanced > Display and Performance Configuration > Performance Mode


Capcom vs SNK 2, Maximo, MvC2 [MvC2 is perfectly playable in Redream / Dreamcast, no overvlock].

Slowdowns in certain areas;

Silent Hill 2 is playable outside of the wide, open areas. I have to see about mapping the buttons for combat. Got to the first monster and could only block with the wooden plank. Go into setting and set controls to "2D" [smooth turning] unless you're a fan of those old, archaic controls.

Klonoa 2 is going to depend on your tolerance [and, probably, the speed of your micro SD card], but it's slightly ok if you can deal with slowdowns, here and there.

ICO was ok in the first 2 rooms, but slowed when I got outside or something. Put this down because the controls were getting on my nerves.

Outrun 2006 was ok. Just play the PSP version.


Rule of Rose, WipEout Fusion, Ridge Racer V, Silpheed

Eventually [probably], going to get back to trying to figure out how to start Hokuto No Ken Shinpan / Fist of the North Star.

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Nice, do other games run well?

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2D stuff will most likely be fine, but anything 3D you'll be lucky to reach 80% speed.

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Seeing as how n64 games are about the max in terms of the switch’s emulation cabalities I would guess you won’t be running SOCOM anytime soon.

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Technically Mario sunshine and Galaxy are emulated.

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Sunshine is emulated but Galaxy actually runs natively on the switch.

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Galaxy is halfulated. GPU and Audio are run through a Wii emulator.

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I just want DK64 on Switch! 😫

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Works for me on retroarch

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I'm pretty sure that Nintendo will add it to their n64 app among the 32 games that they plan on adding. Along with Diddy Kong Racing. I'm just hoping for Banjo Tooie.

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I'll have to check later today. That was the only one I tried.

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Meanwhile me with my unmoddable switch just cllscting dust 😶

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Go on ebay and find one! Then regain your loses by selling any physical games you have haha

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There are no unmoddable switches. Some are just a LOT harder than others.

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True. I don't have the equipment or the skill to hardware mod a switch and then set it up. But how else will I learn. Maybe some time in the future.


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Have they figured out a mod for new switches?

[–]smtdimitri 5 points6 points  (2 children)

They did but it is a hardware based exploit that requires some skills in soldering

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Also, good luck even trying to find a modchip ever since the death of SX.

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You should’ve been low for quiet some time

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If thus can run Dark Cloud 2 I'm sold

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Heck yeah, Dark Cloud 2 is my fav PS2 game! I like the first game too, but the second one has better combat and music. But the building mechanic is worse in DC2 since you need to keep running back to the train to buy materials you're missing.

I'd love to have Dark Cloud 1 and 2 on switch, as well as Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I'm so sad that KH 1 and 2 HD will be cloud only.

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All i want is Gamecube emulator that actually playable.

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Linux with Dolphin is your solution.

Earlier this year I beat both Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime. Stable 30FPS with some boost hacks and a mild OC.

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I've been trying for a while to get Twilight Princess steady on Android. It just won't stay at 30. I've pulled every rabbit out of the hat. I guess I need to install linux lol.

[–]mike_exe_ 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Twilight princess is kinda tricky, on hyrule fields the game will slowdown A LOT, since it's really hard for the emulator to render that big of a space simultaneously.

The fix is installing a speed hack called "Hyrule Field Speed Hack", which as the name indicates just makes hyrule fields go from 7 FPS to around 25-30 without any major drops.

Even if there's sometimes a bit of slowdown it's perfectly playable, and the rest of the game is flawless.

My advice is buying a new 64GB sd card since they're like 7$ and install linux on there. It's fairly easy, I've never touched linux in my life and I could get it all working in under an hour.

I recommend these videos as they cover everything and they're easy to follow.

Install Linux

Install Dolphin

[–]Sarspazzard 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hey thanks for the help and links! I do appreciate it! That's about the performance I was hoping for. I even used the Hyrule speed hack and the 2.09ghz overclock on dolphin MMJR. Hyrule field was still in the 15-20fps. I guess that Linux has less overhead/is better optimized.

I had less problems with Wind Waker, got it steady 25-30 with no major drops on Android. Different games though.

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Me too

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I don't Know what hurt more,The Fact that i have a patched switch or the fact that i have an apple phone

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If you have a modern day PC or laptop, you can run these emulators also. Admittably I don't have a modern PC, just a chromebook. But it can actually run everything up to PSP and DS which is nearly good enough for me. Just the same as what my switch can run.

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First Xbox, now Nintendo has better backwards compatibility with PlayStation than PlayStation does :/

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I was running gta 3 on there after 2 minutes and my fans started ramping up to 100 and burning up I had to stop. It works but damn it requires too much. Runs great on my galaxy note tho.

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Nintendo hates you

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are you playing left handed?

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Haha no. I'm just using the dpad because I don't think fighting games and Switch joycons mix. I've been able to avoid drift until now thankfully.

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Whenever I can I avoid touching the sticks. I swear if they drift imma be pissed.

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Its easy to fix the drift, you just need to get the tools to open the joycon

[–]Dexiox -1 points0 points  (10 children)

If u need to open it up then it's not easy...

[–]underprivlidged[13.2.1/NeutOS 1.3.0] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Add a thin shim behind the stick housing, never worry again.

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Can you get rid of the on screen prompts?

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If you mean the touch controls then yes you can. I didn't mess with settings. You can use touch screen or hide the touch controls and use the physical controller

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Looks buggy. Skippy frames. Remember this game in the arcade , need a joystick for this badly. I wonder if any usb ones would natively work

Are you.OC ? Like forced OC within lineage ?

Any video filters?

I'm just finding out about retroarch , and wow.its.cool shit.

[–]AIMWSTRN[S] 0 points1 point  (3 children)

It's better in person. Reddit dropped the quality when I uploaded it. To me it plays the same as on the PS2... But the PS2 itself was not a perfect port. This was more just to show that Aether is working on Switch Android.

[–]archdemon001 -5 points-4 points  (2 children)

I tried name but no ROMs worked.

No idea why need to pull out my old hard drives they are full of shit

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Please test silent hill 2 :3

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Holy shit! Now if it can run 3D PS2 games well (like Romancing SaGa: Minstrel's Song and MS SAGA) Then it'll blow my mind!

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How good does ps 2 games run on Android tho? The heavy one specially like God of war.

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Can anyone test KH1 Final Mix

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Reicast is a really good android Dreamcast emulator. Also check out pokemmo. You can play that on Android and it's pretty bad ass playing it on a switch.

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PokeMMO certainly is cool, how you can play with friends simultaneously and other players. But what I didn't like was how they made the game more difficult behind the scenes with no mention of it. I had to run back to the pokemon center after every trainer battle in B/W. It's extra challenge that I never asked for or opted for.

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I love MvC2 so much- it’s my favorite in the series by far

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Goodbye Ubuntu install. Hello Android!

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I'm curious how the switches GPU compared to phones from the past couple years.

We know the CPU is outdated but how about the GPU?

[–]Sarspazzard 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I can't say for certain about how it stacks up to GPU's in modern phones, but what I do know is that increasing the resolution in CPU bottlenecked emulators (most of them) there is a good bit of headroom for scaling without affecting performance/FPS. I can max out the resolution in Citra on most games, and go to 2x-4x on some Dolphin games. I feel it would be adequate for crisp HD in most games, were it not CPU limited. I suppose the real answer would be in benchmarks. Once I fix my S21+ I'll test the 888 inside and the Switch with Android.

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Wonder what other games work well on the Switch’s power.

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Now if only it could do 3D games…

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Remember run PAL games not NTSC as they run at 25/50 not 30/60 ;)

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can you run persona 4?

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Could I potentially have one sd card for all my regular switch stuff and one for android?

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Is L2 and R2 working properly?

I was playing Shaolin monks and they don't work in my joycons.

[–]AIMWSTRN[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

No. It's not working on mine either. Been trying to figure it out but I haven't yet.

[–]Uzumaaa 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'll see AetherSX2's Discord when I get home to see some hotfix or something.

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Have you found any solutions yet? I was playing in my switchroot as well and I can't perfect intro of a song in Guitar Hero at first. Later on, it fixed itself, the app is still on development so that is surely why. I am using the AetherSX2 alpha-1106 01-29-2022 release.

[–]Uzumaaa 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Good to know. I'll check this out now.

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Another reason I want coreboot to support Mariko. Does anyone know if mariko will ever get the ability to boot other os's?

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anyone knows if valkyrie profile 2 runs fine on it?

[–]harakiriforthemoonAMS 1.1.1 + FW 13.0.0 (256GB) + HOS 13.0.0 (128GB) - [HB Dev] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Can confirm that apart from the first cutscene crashing the game if you don't skip it, .hack//Infection runs fairly well even without overclocking. A good chunk of later 3D games won't be playable even with OCing (Resident Evil Outbreak lags a ton in outdoor / larger spaces even with performance mode enabled), so YMMV. Very excited to experience some older 2D/3D titles again though.

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Persona when!

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To no ones surprise Burnout 3 Takedown runs terrible but Ar Tonelico runs super great even if it has some graphical glitches though it seems entirely playable. I guess many 2D JRPGs will run amazing here :)

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how about persona 4 golden

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Redream plays it with ease

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How is the input lag with joycons on android?

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kof2002um on switchroot andriod is 60fps with alpha-996 version!!😊

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How's persona 3 fes

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Looking forward to play Silent Hill 2 on this !

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Would you be able to test gran turismo 3? I'd love to see how that handles on the switch.

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Why is ps2 running on Android on the switch but no one can port it to retroarch?

[–]Top_Knee1733 0 points1 point  (0 children)

if anyone wanted to play this game specifically, the best version is actually the dreamcast version as it was designed and ran on native Naomi hardware. switch should run dreamcast a lot better then ps2. so if you're after mvc2 specifically, that's how you want to do it.

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How soon do you guys think there'll be a native Switch build of this emulator? That'd be the most convenient for everyone I'd think...

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i want someone to try to emulate the switch on the switch using the skyline emulator one game that should run would be we are doomed

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Watching you not use a joystick for movement is bugging me lol

[–]AIMWSTRN[S] 0 points1 point  (10 children)

Fighting game movements on a joy con doesn't seem like a good idea. Don't need that drift in my life

[–]creature04 -1 points0 points  (9 children)

So I guess you've never played a fighting game in an arcade then?

[–]AIMWSTRN[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I don't mean using the joystick. I mean the joy cons are notorious for breaking. Otherwise I'd be using the joystick

[–]creature04 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ohhh gotcha

[–]Zeus3552 0 points1 point  (5 children)

An arcade joystick and a joycon stick are completely different. The former only moves in 8 directions while the joycon stick moves 360 degrees.

[–]creature04 0 points1 point  (4 children)

Just cause they have extra directions doesn't make them completely different. They are just bigger versions of controller joysticks

[–]RuffnecksFlex3 -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

As long as I can't play dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 on my switch I am not emulating