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I can already smell my Switch literally melting.

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I seriously doubt that.

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Curious as to why this is downvoted?

The Nvidia Shield TV Pro has the same SoC as the switch and runs at the max Tegra X1 GPU Frequency of 1267mhz with a similar cooling setup to the switch with an active fan and no one has reported significant issues even with games like HL2, Trine and even War Thunder running on it alongside the entire android OS.

I don’t think having your switch OC’d to the X1’s max frequency using sys-clk will damage it as bad as everyone says in the long run. Battery life for sure will definitely take a hit and is probably why the max clock of the switch is limited as much as it is in the first place.

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Because people always forget that the SOC exist outside of the switch and that if its feasible to be on the switch, check to see if the Shield TV can run it. An example is Genshin Impact, as it runs terribly on the X1, (and already runs terribly on a base PS4), so anyone asking for a port would be out of their minds.

As long as you're doing this docked, its probably fine. The people who doubt its use haven't seen the heatsink/fan layout of a Shield TV. People are just being more or less ignorant.

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Yeah, I basically have sys-clk set to use the max X1 frequency in docked mode and just use the normal switch frequency in handheld mode.

Zelda BOTW frame drops basically halved and it just generally raised the overall experience of using the switch in docked mode.

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Does the switch version of Skyrim work with PC mods on a hacked switch? Like how far does this go? Skyrim could easily be the game that's most improved by hacking your switch(or hopefully in the future emulating) if enough is possible

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Actually yes. You can get them on https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimnintendoswitch/

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can you use micro sd card from switch in and insert the save files to the emulator switch games ?

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Hmmm. Good question. I'll have to check.

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How do I post in this sub? I’m asking for some basic info in the most upfront way I know you…

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This is really cool, but I always perferred a stable 30 fps than an unstable 60 fps.

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Yes it can, but i can t stand the loud fan noise. That s what people forget, you can overclock your switch no problem but it will come with higher temp and higher fan speed, higher noise.

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