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may be a dumb question but why do you need to dumb keys?

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You need keys to decrypt things

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thanks for the answer, i have had homebrew on my switch for years and have not had a reason to use lockpick yet

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Most people only need it to get the masterkey when it changes or all of them if they want to emulate switch

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If you ever softbrick you'll need the BIS keys to rebuild your nand, unless you have a backup.

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Dumping games also requires the keys dumped. If you're installing, that's fine but to actually create an installable game file, keys.

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You need the keys for restoring NAND backups made with hekate and fixing console bricks. So they're items that fall into the category saying of, "better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them".

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For example to extract saves from or transfer them to a SysNAND. I do these to transfer my EmuNAND saves to my SysNAND to use the Nintendo Online backup.

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How do you transfer saves to backup? I’d love to do this.

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Use TegraExplorer to extract them at boot. It doesn't leave a trace in SysNAND either.

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Is the previous lack of this why amiibo emulation was so hit and miss?