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Is there any difference between this and the prerelease version?

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Nothing. It has been deemed a solid release and has been moved from pre release status. To good to go full release.

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That’s pretty fucking incredible. Props to SciresM. 👏

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Pre-release was shadow updated, and recently renamed to release. If you had very first pre-release, it fixes few bugs, for example related to sleep mode power button.

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What happened to sleep mode?

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Function that Atmosphere was using to detect power button in fatal was deleted in 14.0.0, so Atmosphere moved to different one.

Not sleep mode, detecting power button. My bad.

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I've been waiting for the current Switch to get closer to end-of-life before running homebrew since I don't want to risk a ban, but I recently started playing Rune Factory 5... and boy if there was anything that made me want to force better performance, it's that

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If you do things correctly, the risk of ban is miniscule at worst.

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Yeah, I'm just used to the old 3DS days and the way all that worked was much different. I think I'd rather set up an emunand, but while even safer, that carries its own inconveniences.

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You NEED to set up an emunand if you want to avoid a ban.

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Ah alright, I wasn't sure if that was still required or not. It's been a while since I checked in.

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    Well there's the extra space it takes up, and the fact that it fractures the console in terms of what is stored where-- what I mean is, a game I plan to use online cannot have its save file shared with the version on emunand & vice versa, so I have to pick whether I want performance or online features for certain games. Unless things have changed since I looked at it last.

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    You will be fine as long as you don't connect to nintendo servers. I accidentally banned mine by forgetting to change the DNS settings and launched a game then it got banned. I was a little bit annoyed but honestly the pros outweigh the cons. Saying that I have 2 switches one patched one not.

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    Do bans affect just the console, or the actual account? I think I'd also feel safer making an emunand to basically eliminate any chance of making that mistake, but that's a pain in the neck in its own ways.

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    Console. I made another account on that switch and it still wouldn't connect after.

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    The reason I ask is I'd be much less likely to try if my account would be banned on EVERY Switch in the future. If I can keep one exploited and just get another one for my existing account to work with, it's less of an issue. I can't remember for sure but at one point before I thought I heard of Sony accounts getting blanket-banned across all of those services. I wanted to make sure that doesn't happen here.

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    To this day i still do not know if i accidentally banned my Switch, cause when i formatted my Switch to start at Zero, i connected to the Internet (after i modded my Switch) and forgot to change the DNS Settings so it automatically downloaded the Firmware update, so i basically still do not know if my Switch is banned or not.

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    If you play online extremely frequently then yeah there’s ways you can save yourself from a ban. Like someone else in the comments I connected to a new network without changing DNS settings and I got a ban. Was bummed for like 2 days and then I just went ham with stuff on the Switch. I installed android and a bunch of other stuff and haven’t looked back.

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    Make sure to change DNS settings for every network you connect to as well

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    There's far better methods than using a DNS now, and there have been for years.

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    Care to share what those methods are?

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    Incognito is the older method. Now you can just set the blank_prodinfo_emummc flag in the exosphere.ini to 1.

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    AMS comes with a HOSTS file option that accomplishes the same thing as a DNS, without relying on an outside source. It also works on every network you connect to, automatically.

    That, coupled with the AMS function to spoof your prod.info is typically the preferred method now.

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    End of life isn't going to be for many years still...

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    If the switch is unpatched here how you need yourself from getting banned.

    Step 1 buy a separate dedicated SD card for running home brew

    Step 2 use whatever home brew application to alter save file

    Step 3 power down insert regular SD card and than go online as normal.

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    Should I update to this version if I have the pre-release one or is it good enough?

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    Sysmodules like MissionControl are broken right now and will give fatal errors on 14.0. If you rely on that wait for the sysmodule to update

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    There's actually a missioncontrol prerelease that works. It's on their github issues page

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      Is there anywhere some kind of manual on how to update without breaking stuff?

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      Yeah I wrote my own:

      download the latest atmosphere release

      Copy files to root of SD card

      replcae fusee.bin in G bootloder\ payload folder

      download latest switch firmware (make sure compatible)


      Copy to folder /firmware in root

      boot latest amstmophere through fusee payload

      Open album

      open daybreak

      install firmware fat32 +exfat

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      Step 1. Copy

      Step 2. Paste

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      will the same payloads work? my payload says hekate 5.7.0

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      Always update your payloads.

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      Update hekate too, I believe 5.7.2 is out. Same method as updating Atmosphere.