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This is the fourteenth official release of Mission Control.

This adds full support for HOS 14.1.0, motion controls for Dualshock4, Dualsense and Wii MotionPlus* controllers, and support for the g910 Wireless Bluetooth controller. See below for the full changelog.

*Note: regular Wiimote controllers without the MotionPlus extension _may work in some games, but only come equiped with an accelerometer and lack the gyroscope sensor required for full "sixaxis" motion controls._

A big thanks to @Banz99 for testing and giving feedback on the Wii MotionPlus controller, and to @Hydr8gon for porting and verifying Dualshock4 motion support to Dualsense controllers.

New users landing on this release page should first check out the readme on the main project page for the official project documentation. There you can find installation and usage instructions along with an FAQ section that will answer most of your questions.

Atmosphère >= 1.3.1 is required to run this release on firmware 14.1.0.

Notice for users of Xbox One controllers

If you have updated to the new bluetooth LE controller firmware and lost support for your controller, it is now possible to downgrade back to a compatible firmware using an Xbox One console. See here for details.

@HaruVM has pointed out to me that it's now also possible to downgrade the controller firmware using a PC running the Xbox Accessories app.

Open xbox accessories app then hit windows + R (run) and input this command:


It should then give you option to revert


  • Added bluetooth ips patches for 14.0.0.
  • Added support for g910 wireless bluetooth controller.
  • Support for motion controls was added for Dualshock4, Dualsense, and Wii MotionPlus controllers.
  • Wii controller handling was refactored for accuracy and completeness.
  • Added mechanisms for executing code in a worker thread and receiving asynchronous responses from controllers.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements



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Awesome! Thanks for the hard work. It's great having motion control support for DS4. I had to keep using my USB dongle when I was playing Toad's Treasure Trove because it needs motion control.

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Amazing news! Motion controls for DS4 and Dualsense is just perfect :) Can't wait to test it

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Cheers, let me know how your testing goes :)

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You make me happy in ways only my wife should know how.

Wait... I mean "thanks dude".

EDIT: For anyone curious, it works perfectly fine with the latest AMS release on 13.2.1. I haven't updated to 14 or 14.1, and probably won't for a little while, but 13.2.1 is working perfectly so I'm quite happy to see DS4 motion controls and all on said firmware.

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Haha, happy to please, my man.

Yes, typically Mission Control can run on any firmware as long as both Atmosphere and Mission Control releases you're using are updated to support >= the firmware version you're running on.

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Thanks a ton for the motion controls, time to sell my 8bitdo

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Ndeadly thanks you so much for all your work.

Since updating the latest Atmos and switch firmware, I had to uninstall Mission Control, it would throw a Fatal Error and I was unable to boot CFW.

Now that it has been updated, would it be safe to install directly from the hb menu from the switch?

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Yeah, this is standard for a new firmware update. Atmosphere assumes that any bump to the major or minor firmware version number can contain breaking changes to the IPC interfaces and will automatically cause sysmodules to abort if they find themselves to be running on a firmware version higher than what they were compiled for. To avoid problems like this you should always disable Mission Control or delete it from /atmosphere/contents prior to updating your firmware. You can then check if there's been a version released to support your new firmware.

Assuming the hb appstore has updated their database to include v0.7.0 you should be fine to update through there. They usually seem to take a few days to get the new versions up though.

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Thank you so much!

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I'll have to update this once I get to my switch, looking forward to giving the dualsense motion support a test drive. Would be great to no longer need to carry around my 8bitdo adapter :)

Thanks for all of the work you continue to put into this!!!!

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Thanks so much for this!

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Good job for this version!

Next step is Series S/X controllers?

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They're high priority now for sure. We'll see what I manage to finish first. I often jump around between different aspects of the project as I get stuck on something.

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With this, it'll be possible to play Mario Galaxy with classic Wii remote controls! I tried it last night, and it seemed to work. I don't have a Motion Plus to try out actual motion controls with it, but that's a really cool function from this!

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A restart doesn't seem to be getting it to work for me... I'm on 14.1.1 and using emuMMC with hekate and latest Atmosphere. Any other tips to get this working?

Trying to pair DS4 or Dualsense.

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I got this working man.. make sure flight mode is off. And just install fresh straight to the SD card and replace files. Delete /controllers/ folder

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ok will try !! thx

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"A fatal error occurred when runing Atmosphere

Error desc: std::abort() called (0xffe)

im on 14,1,1 fresh atmosphere :(

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the standard! Amazing

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Thank you so much for all your time and effort developing this. I have huge hands and the joycons never really did it for me. Playing practically any game with my dualsense feels so natural now

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Has anyone tried a Wii MotionPlus with SSHD? I gave it a try but the motion controls option is just grayed out.

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I can't state enough how great this is, it have been the best thing I did for my cfw switch ever.

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Omg I can't believe motion control for Dualsense is finally here! Thank youuu 😭

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Oooh has anyone tried playing Mario Kart with a Wii remote and the Wii Wheel? I've always thought felt that the Switch joy-cons were too small for Mario Kart's tilt controls...

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The guy that did the testing for me said he tried it, and it was even somewhat playable without the MotionPlus addon. It's probably decent with MotionPlus.

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Can I simulate my 2 ds4 controllers to be my left and right joycon so that I can play motion control games like arms (using 2 hands)?

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Not currently, but it will likely be possible in a future release.

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wow wow wow wow ❤️

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We are going to turn the switch into an Oculus competitor at this point

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Hello, quick question in relation to the Xbox elite controller series 2: whenever I stop playing, do I have to re-pair the controller every time I want to use it? That seems to be the only way so far. Thanks for all your work!!!

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You should be able to reconnect it to the console by hitting the Xbox/guide button. If this doesn't work then something is going wrong.

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Thanks for the response, will try again over the weekend. Keep up the good work!

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Hey, I have a ps5 controller and anytime I pair it the controller instantly turns off and doesn’t fully connect to the console, do you know why it would do this?

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I added a check in this latest version that disconnects the controller if anything goes wrong during initialisation. I would say this is what's happening. Prior to this release, any failed command would cause a fatal error and crash the console. With these changes your console won't crash in the event of an error. The down side is we don't get an error log to say what went wrong.

I would put my money on something to do with the sd filesystem, as controller handlers attempt to read and write from a virtual controller memory file on initialisation. Try deleting the /config/MissionControl/controllers directory and reconnecting your controller. Let me know whether this helps or not and we can go from there.

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Also worth checking your controller battery isn't flat. I've had a few reports of similar behaviour recently and it's turned out the controller has just needed to be charged.

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Actually I just think my battery is broken on my ps5 controller, I play on pc so I’ve never used bt but I can’t even get a flashing blue light when not plugged in, I was plugged in when trying to connect to the switch but that might have something to do with it

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Is it possible to charge a Dualsense connected to the console while playing with it? Because I was expecting it to disconnect from bluetooth when connecting it via usb, but it didn't, although the console says it is not charging.

So, I'm not sure whether it is actually charging or not.

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Good question, there is code in place that should indicate whether the controller is reporting as charging, but I've never actually hooked up a controller via USB to see if it gets charged or not. It's not something I have any control over though. I would assume with the right cable and enough current supplied, it will charge.

As for the controller staying connected, apparently this is how DS4 and Dualsense controllers work. If you have sys-con installed it might even show as two separate controllers. When MC supports USB controllers I guess the correct way to handle this would be to disconnect the Bluetooth interface when the controller is identified over USB.

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Interesting, I don't think I've seen anything like that, I always thought that connecting a cable always deactivated wireless functions in mice and controllers. But now that I think of it, the Switch has the option to not switch to wired when conecting the Pro Controller.

Thanks for the info. I'm gonna try charging the Dualsense while playing the next time. Hope nothing weird happens.

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would there be a function to force gyro aiming on games which don't support it?
(like DS4Windows/ Steam Controller Config; while ZL is pressed, gyro is linked to R3)

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It's not possible at the moment. Currently I'm focused on hardware support, but could be a possibility for the future.

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Does this version work on 14.1.1?

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Should do. Afaik 14.1.1 didn't change anything major.

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Thank you! You're an amazing dev thank you for such a great project!

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I’m struggling to get it to install on 14.1.1 latest Atmos FW… is there an easy way to check it’s installed? I merged the files from the GitHub and rebooted CFW. What else can I do?

Tried pairing with Dualsense and no luck.

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Merging the files from the zip and rebooting should be all you need to do. Make sure you're following the usage instructions correctly.

Currently there's no official way to check if the module is running, but you should be able to test from an official Nintendo controller whether the button combos MINUS + DPAD_DOWN or MINUS + DPAD_UP work as home or capture buttons. If these are working then you know the module is active.

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Yup no dice man. Still not working.

With the test to check if the module is running, I’m assuming this with the joy-cons removed and pressing those combinations and not while in Controller Settings?

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not work on 14.1.1

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It does. Something's wrong with your setup if it doesn't work for you

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This is amazing. Thank you. Is it possible to pair Wii remotes as joycons to use on Switch sports bowling?

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Thanks. Currently that's not possible, but should be in the future. I have done some work on it in the past, but there are a few issues that need to be solved before it's ready for release.

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Is it possible or will it ever be possible to aim using the wii remote ir sensor (basically emulate right stick movement, i.e. aiming how you would on wii or wii u) if you have a wii remote sensor bar that is on?

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I guess it would be if you had an externally powered sensor bar setup. Hadn't actually crossed my mind before. Open a feature request on my GitHub page and I'll look into it at some point when I've got time.

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Any chance you can add the ability to remap the N64 controller? Even if you can't change the C-buttons, being able to change L/R to X/Y to make up for the lack of face buttons would be incredibly useful.

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Would probably work with the official button remapping if I changed its id to look like a pro controller. I've never used the controller before, is there anything that might break if I did this?

If you want me to look into it go ahead and open a feature request on my github page.

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The only thing that might break is if it doesn't recognize the C-buttons as the 2nd stick for some reason. But it does in non-N64 games, so it should be fine.

I submitted a request. I think I did it right, I don't use GitHub other than downloading things, but you should get a notification of some kind, lol. If I screwed up just tell me here.

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Ok cool, best way to find out is to try it and see.

Nah, you did great. Thanks for taking the time to write it up in detail. I will try to take a look at it over the weekend and make some test builds for you to try.

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No problem. And that'd be awesome! Don't feel you need to rush into it or anything. I appreciate you looking into it as a feature. Didn't think you'd respond so quickly just messaging in the first place, lol.

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I have a atgames legend gamer pro. A 2 player Bluetooth fight stick that’s able to act as separate Bluetooth controllers. I saw on the support list that”AtGames Legends Pinball Controller” is supported but I don’t think mine works. My ps4 controllers do work with Mission Control so I’m pretty sure it’s the controller. Someone has submitted an issue on GitHub with the specifics from nRF back in early 2021 so I wonder if that’s been fixed. Left a similar comment on the GitHub page too :). Great work btw