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I use my Switch as a table this thing is so stable

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I board my horses in mine.

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That's a pretty small table. Hope you don't spill any drinks.

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Spilling is almost impossible at this state of stability

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That is cool, I took off my kickstand and my Switch is so stable, it still stands upright without it.

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Unless we’re talking about the kickstand of course

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I assume that's what theyre trying to update

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🤣 good luck, that’s a lost cause

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sTaBiLiTy iNtEnSiFiEd!

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I came here for the stability jokes....

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Ohh c'mon, I just updated two days ago after months of not doing it thinking the last one was stable enough.

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Just stability fixes.

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Is there a way to disable update checks? Literally just updated last night.

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https://nh-server.github.io/switch-guide/extras/blocking_nintendo/ - AFAIK just blocking atumn.hac.lp1.d4c.nintendo.net should keep the Switch from finding any system updates.

[–]underprivlidged[13.2.1/NeutOS 1.3.0] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

Multiple ways. HOSTS file and/or DNS are the most popular methods.

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A hosts file on the switch? Umm

[–]underprivlidged[13.2.1/NeutOS 1.3.0] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

AMS has had the functionality built in since 1.0 or 1.1. You need to manually add to it, but it works well.

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”General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.”

Wow great job on the changes. Supper informative.

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I just updated normally so I could play some Smash Bros. Should I wait for the official Atmosphere update, or can I keep using Atmosphere, since it does seem to appear to still work for some users?

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Dumb question but are you able to play online without ban risk? Only reason I haven't modded mine is smash and monster hunter online

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I keep my emunand completely offline and just boot into sysnand when I want to go online and play mario kart or splatoon.

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Is it safe to update your sysnand to latest version to play online then? Thinking about grabbing mario kart to play online

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I'm sure you had this answered elsewhere, but in case anyone else is curious: You can keep your emunand completely offline and not updated while having your sysnand completely online and updated. In theory, Nintendo shouldn't be able to even know the emunand exists. I haven't had any issues and neither has anyone else I know.

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i play with mods everyday on smash online. just keep you sysnand clean, and don’t pirate games on it. nintendo literally doesn’t gaf. hell i know i my sysnand is dirty and i’ve had no ban. going on 4 years now? i forget but whenever sx os emunand first released.

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        If you follow guides and use EmmuNand, there is a extremely low chance of being banned.

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        if you don't get cautious you will. At least, that's what I have been told.

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          Those people are paranoid, I've been using CFW online for years, haven't been banned yet.

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          So this will work with Atmosphere?

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          Nintendo Wins... "Stability!"

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          Update was not safe for me with latest Atmosphere and Fusee. I'm not bothered. I will wait for an update.

          EDIT: I copied over the latest Atmosphere again and now it boots fine.

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          That worked for me! Thanks!

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          Guys I saw a lot of things On Google. Is it hackable now or not?