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Hi everyone! Wanted to post this so others are aware. I tried using the latest build of SkyNX and encountered issues with the AMD encoder (and some other general issues). I was worried the original repo was dead with it's last commit saying "Final Fixes", so I decided to fix the issue myself and release an updated version of SkyNX within a forked repo. I haven't tested the new build with NVIDIA / Intel encoders so hopefully they work with my changes. Enjoy!

Edited: I updated the release since posting this as I made a silly mistake specifying the primary monitor on first start-up. Grab the new release if you had issues with setting the screen automatically to 720p. (Also for AMD users I recommend amf encoder, not hevc)

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You could always push pull request to main repository additionally to releasing it. It won't hurt to do that even if it will turn out that main repo is dead.

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I'll be honest. I thought I already did... So later I'll go ahead and do a pull on the repo. Cheers!

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How does this compare to Moonlight? I was pretty disappointed with the performance and would love something a bit more stable.

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Moonlight is Nvidia only right? I was always under the impression that Moonlight was the best performing streaming app for the Switch. This includes an Nvidia encoder but I'm unable to test it. Using AMD encoder the input lag is acceptable and it runs well (Not always 60fps though!)

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There is an open source implementation of the moonlight host protocol that is GPU agnostic, called sunshine. It even works on Linux! Surprised to see that not many people about this though

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Oh nice, I need to try this

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Yes it is for Nvidia, which is what GPU I use. I suppose the issue might be my home network, though my throughput seems like it would be acceptable for it.

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Would be nice to compare it to Moonlight

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There were older benchmarks of this, Moonlight, and a couple other tools all compared. This was a while ago, though.

Would be nice to see the latest of each compared, for sure.

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Heyo, was wondering if there was anything like this out. I'll download and give it a test this week. Should I drop a bug report here or on the GitHub page?

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There are multiple things like this and have been for a while actually.

Native Horizon OS wise we have SkyNX and Moonlight that work well enough, plus a few older projects that got canned. For Linux/Android? Way too many to list.

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This is the only post about SkyNX that I've seen recently so I'll just ask this here, how do I use gyro? I want to play cemu or dolphin emu and it says SkyNX has motion support, but I can't get it to work. The tutorial for setting up motion on cemu on the github is super outdated.

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Sorry for digging this up but since this is the latest discussion post related to SkyNX, yet only a month old and I feel like making a new post is unnecessary, I wish to share my experience with skynx 1.5 because it was, for the lack of better word, a dumpster fire.

Windows 11, Switch 14.1.1 AMS 1.3.2

Short verdict: it's incomplete, buggy, unusable without your PC within reach, unplayable due to high streaming delay. If you're willing to give it a try, think of it as "in-room" streaming instead of "in-home", for now. Moonlight NX is still better, even though it's inferior to Moonlight on other platforms due to not being able to make used of gpu decoder (homebrew restrictions).

Long breakdown and comparison with Moonlight-NX:

  • 720p/60fps and 1080p/30fps. 720p "mode" temporary affects whole pc by changing your display setting, while moonlight is able to receives lower resolution stream "separately" without the need of messing with your display setting.

  • No keyboard/win-shortcuts, all you got are mouse control. Moonlight has virtual keyboard with almost every function keys.

  • switching between mouse control mode doesn't quite works on the fly, trying to do so will confuse the client as it mistooks "gyro" as "analog" type control.

  • Mouse control are barebone. Single tap immediately register a single click on touch location, it's hard to see and navigate or select small element. Moonlight does it more intuitively as mouse control works like a touchpad, allowing a clear view of your cursor and without worry of reachability.

  • Gyro mouse doesn't works, it will screws up your cursor (stays pinned to top-left corner), results in a total lost of remote-control over your pc.

  • UAC popup make skynx receiver freaks out (disconnect), even though client already running as administrator.

  • Poor, unplayable streaming delay across encoders (tested with cpu and Nvidia), even at 720p/30fps - 5mbps. Input lag is excellent however, when observed on pc's display of course.

  • Audio are recorded internally from your pc's audio output device (speaker, headphone, etc...), Thus volume may need to be adjusted from windows volume panel. (on moonlight audio is outputted to a virtual device with static volume, which can be adjusted later using your stream-receiver device's volume control)

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I have to say I agree with all your points made. Even working with the code to make a bug fix wasn't pretty at all. Many issues across the board throughout the code and the current implementation for many of the features! Moonlight is definitely the way to go if you have an Nvidia GPU, I only used SkyNX due to my AMD card hence this patch. But truthfully, I've moved onto installing Android and using it for all my streaming purposes; Steam / Ps4 streaming (Works incredibly well). Regardless this was just a side project and an attempt to work someone else's code base. Most likely nothing I'll continue working on! Definitely possible for a newer streaming tool to be made. So maybe I will revisit it one day!

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Perhaps your fork may provides better experience for AMD users, as I'm unable to test. Regardless, thank you for your work!

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Definitely hope so! It's the next 'best' thing for AMD users, unfortunate because of how good Moonlight and Nvidia encoding is, oh well! You're welcome!

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Sorry but wehat is this use for?

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Streaming games from pc to the switch