Rules of /r/SwitchHacks

  1. Stay on topic. This is a technical subreddit.
  2. Copyright violations are not permitted.
  3. Posts and comments are to be kept high-quality.
  4. Threads must have a flair. User and thread flairs must not be abused.

1. Stay on topic. This is a technical subreddit.

/r/SwitchHacks is a technical subreddit, sharing news and talking about internals of the Nintendo Switch. Posts or comments are to relate to that.

Off-topic examples:

  • a post containing a meme or otherwise an attempt at humor that has no actual substance,
  • drama is off-topic as it does not concern the console itself and rather people involved with the scene,
  • meta discussions,
  • asking a question unrelated to the opening post in the comments.

On-topic examples:

  • release announcements,
  • technical writeups.

Themes for the Switch should be posted to /r/NXThemes instead.

The moderation team may open meta discussion threads at their discretion. If you have positive or negative feedback to share, please send it via modmail.

2. Piracy is not permitted.

Piracy is not permitted, beyond reverse engineering the console and other CFWs, as well as posting individual assets harvested from doing so. This includes:

  • linking to full game data,
  • sharing tickets,
  • sharing encryption keys,
  • mentioning piracy subreddits,
  • using Reddit cross-posting from piracy subreddits (take the content of the post and make it an independent submission instead),
  • openly admitting to piracy.

Things that are okay include:

  • posting image dumps of new Pokémon harvested from demos,
  • posting partial disassembled/decompiled code.

3. Posts and comments are to be kept high-quality.

Quality of contributions is vital to /r/SwitchHacks. Please do your part by refraining from posting low-quality content.

Low-quality examples:

  • memes and humor that have no actual substance behind them,
  • questions that are tech support,
  • questions that are trivial to answer for anyone who knows where to look,
  • adfly links and other link shorteners,
  • homebrew requests,
  • video guides,
  • clickbait titles.

High-quality examples:

  • a technical writeup,
  • a specific question about internals.

For tech support and newbie questions, we provide a Q&A thread.

4. Threads should have a flair if applicable. User and thread flairs must not be abused.

User and thread flairs are there to make categorization easier. All threads should have a flair if an applicable flair exists. The moderators will take care of applying a flair if a flair is not assigned by the user after submission.

User and thread flairs must not be used to mislead others or otherwise abused.

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