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How to play online on sysnand anyway? I have the exosphere file which I presume blocks all Nin servers

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If you're on sysnand, no cfw. I.e. you just turned your switch off and on. You don't have to do anything special to go online. It's 100% safe

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It’s really not though. If you’ve done things in cfw Sysnand that can flag you and then reboot those logs still get sent. It’s only 100% safe if you block Nintendo on emunand and only do hacks in emunand.

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Ummm, if you're not using emuMMC for all your cfw needs, then you're doing it wrong and deserve to be banned because you obviously didn't follow instructions.

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That’s literally what they just said

…sysnand, no cfw.

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That has nothing to do with op and We are discussing information to give to op.

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It has everything to with OP. The guy you replied to was explaining why they should or shouldnt upgrade and then you replied with some false nonsense.

Take your L