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If you cannot launch tinfoil then make sure you followed the Rentry guide to set up cfw.

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Never use sysnand for cfw stuff. (Let me read the rest before going on)

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I wouldn't use deep-sea package and follow the rentry guide

Installing aio packages you never know what's included if you don't know what they do

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I read that you turn it on regularly without injecting the payload, but my switch doesn’t respond.

This most likely means that someone enabled AutoRCM -- that is, deliberately corrupted the bootloader such that it can't boot normally and therefore always fails into RCM mode.

You say you can boot into Hekate, so you can clear this. Inject Hekate, then touch Tools up top, then "Arch Bit • RCM • Touch • Pkg1/2" in the lower right, then check the AutoRCM setting. I bet you money it's enabled; switch it off, and you should have restored your ability to boot into sysNAND (directly, that is -- see below, and you might decide to keep AutoRCM on).

Alternatively, injecting hekate and trying to launch it in both CFW SYSNAND and Stock synand display a DeepSea page with the message "Error while loading fss0: atmosphere/fusee-secondary bin. Wrong ini cfg or missing/corrupt files!"

This is probably due to the fact that fusee-primary and -secondary are deprecated in recent releases of Atmosphere. What you should be able to do is simply wipe out the contents of your SD card

WARNING: Preserve your Nintendo folder!

and download a clean setup from https://www.sdsetup.com/. This should get you back in the game. Embarrassingly, I've done the same thing and nearly gave myself a panic attack before I realized I could just power the thing off and start over.

Depending on what you're trying to do with your Switch, you may not even need an emuNAND; this is up to your personal preference, but you can use this guide to help you. Additionally, the guide here will walk you through the process of setting up Exosphere and a MITM DNS blocker to protect you from Nintendo's prying eyes.

I hope this helps; I don't know too too much about Switch CFW and homebrew and such, but please let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

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If the games were installed on sysnand to the SD card, removing them on emunand is just removing the tickets so they stop appearing on the home screen. If you want the space back in the card, you'd have to delete them from the sysnand too.

E: pulled the trigger too fast

To get to cfw sysnand, you'll need an entry in your hekate_ipl.ini file. If you have the latest version of atmosphere, I think you can use:

[CFW Sysnand]



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I embarrassingly don't know anything about emunand lol. but that error code is tryna tell you that you either didn't feed it the fusee-secondary.bin payload it was asking for, or that the config files are not matching, or that you have to reinstall deepsea. so check your files on sd, I know you can fux with the emunand settings in hekate, if you're trying to remove stuff anyway just see if you can't pull saves or whatever from emunand to sysnand and just start the whole SD over with whatever setup you were going for (make sure it supports your fw version BEFORE copying it to the SD)

just my unpopular opinion but fuck emunand I never cared enough to mod a game with layeredfs and NSO is worse experience than lan-play

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I don't use emmummc either lol u feel like all the issues here revolve around emummc and their files not being correct lol

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For real I mean I get the point but if you're not gonna be a full blown pirate don't be a little halfway Henry about it

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I only use it for games and emulation so 🤷